Wednesday, August 17, 2016

China Featured in Publications

Don't you love seeing a piece of china you own photographed in a magazine?  Awhile back one of my blog readers from Mississippi sent me several issues of Mississippi Magazine. While recently perusing the magazines again my eyes fell upon a Sadler teapot I purchased this spring at Tea by Three tea room's liquidation sale.

What a smile it brought to my face seeing a teapot featured in a magazine that's in my collection.

[Mississippi Magazine's Photo]

[My photos]

I like ivory and gold teapots, and have a few of them.  Pictured below are three more Sadler teapots.

~  Aladdin Hall Teapot ~


  1. Yes, it is fun! I bought a beautiful Flow Blue teacup & saucer that has a bunch of cherries and cherry blossoms on both pieces. On the bottom of the saucer it has "La Francaise Porcelain". I had never run across a piece of Flow Blue with anything on it. A few months ago, Victoria magazine had a picture in it that had either bread & butter or dessert plates with the exact same design. I was really surprised!

  2. What a beautiful collection. I have the Sadler teapot with the swirly design and would love to add the Aladdin teapot to my collection one day!

  3. Oh, those gold and white teapots are gorgeous! And yes, it is fun to see something in a magazine and think, "Hey, I have one like that!".


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