Saturday, March 23, 2019

Thoroughly Modern Millie

As promised in yesterday's post, I'm sharing highlights from Romeo High School's musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie that my hubby and I went to see last night.  Our granddaughter, Brooke, was in the ensemble.

I had never heard of the play before so had to do some research.  The stage play is from a 1967 American musical-romantic comedy film.  The setting was the roaring 20's, and features a fiesty, young flapper named, Millie Dillmount, who plans to find a job as a stenographer in NYC, and marry a wealthy employer.  Even though she's fond of a penniless paper-clip salesman, she's determined to marry her boss, Mr. Graydon, at Sincere Trust.  In the end, she marries Jimmy [the assumed paper-clip salesman], who turns out to be a millionaire.  It was a very cute musical.

~ Brooke ~

By the way, she didn't cut her hair, and she isn't wearing a wig - her hair is penned up in back.  

[Brooke and Jerry]

[Brooke and Me]

She has a performance tonight and one tomorrow afternoon and then the musical will be over for this year.


  1. I love high school musicals! The cast is always so excited to be a part of the play and I find their enthusiasm contagious. My own children enjoyed participating and I am now escorting my grandchildren to them - this year our local high school did Barnum. A little over the little ones heads, but they loved the circus performers.

  2. I remember when that musical first came out - I didn't see it but I knew at least one of the songs ("Everything today is thoroughly modern...doot, do doot...") and I read the book. I don't know if the book was an adaptation of the play or the other way around but I remember liking it. I'd love to see Brooke's school performance of this musical.

  3. I remember when you and I went to our high school plays. Wow that was over 50 years ago. So hard to believe it was that long ago.


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