Monday, March 25, 2019

Estate Sale Finds

Last Saturday after my hubby and I went out for breakfast, we stopped at a nearby estate sale. In the publicity photos I noticed a Scarlett O'Hara figurine. My presentation at the assisted living facility on March 31st will be all about the Emerald Isle. Even though the Gone with the Wind O'Hara family is fictional, I thought I'd begin with them since the movie is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year.

This is the figurine I went for and purchased for $15.

The deceased lady of the house loved old movies and had so much memorabilia that I couldn't leave with just the figurine.  She had several Gone with the Wind commemorative plates and I bought three at $1.50 each.

She loved Shirley Temple too because she had several Shirley Temple dolls in their original boxes for $20 each [Dolls of the Silver Screen Collection].  I passed up the doll with Shirley wearing the red and white polka dot dress [Stand Up and Cheer] once before, so I wasn't about to leave her behind this time.  I also bought two pictures of Shirley Temple.

And this commemorative plate... [I left several more behind]

This book...

And lastly this figurine.  Here's hoping I'm asked to do another Shirley Temple presentation in the future.  ;-)

When I saw my grandson at the Wedding luncheon on March 16th, he gave me a framed [18 x 24] 1936 newspaper article about Shirley.  There has never been another child star as talented as her.  No wonder she's so loved.

I left the estate sale with $66 less than when I entered, but I got a lot of nice memorabilia for future presentations.  I think I'll pass on any more estate sales for awhile though.  ;-)


  1. Gosh, what wonderful finds and reasonable prices!

  2. What a treasure chest of goodies you have found. Enjoy.

  3. I think you got great buys on some hard-to-find items, and I'd be willing to bet you'll do another Shirley Temple presentation. But even if you don't, you'll enjoy the things you bought.


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