Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Shore Pointe Purse Presentation

My purse presentation at the assisted living facility last Sunday went well.  Only 1 resident remembered to bring her purse - a Vera Bradley - but it was a topic they all enjoyed hearing about.  One of the aides showed her purse to the residents - a Kate Spade.

I compiled a list of items that today's woman might carry in her hobo or tote style handbag. In short the purse is a portable office, pharmacy, photo gallery, bank, beauty salon, cafe, convenience store, library and telecommunications center.  I asked if I had omitted anything from my list and one of the ladies said rosary beads and another said Depends and Poise pads.  Everything's relevant to age.  ;-)

I had so much fun researching this topic that I'm going to make it into a game to play with the ladies on the upcoming tea tour.  It will help wile away travel time.  Also want to show the movie Steel Magnolias.  

I also learned that upscale purse designer, Judith Leiber, known for her whimsical bejeweled handbags for evening wear, passed away on April 28th just hours after her beloved husband of 72 years.  They were both 97 and died of natural causes.  Some of her handbags went for upwards of $5,000 and were carried by First Ladies Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, and Hillary Clinton and celebrities from Greta Garbo to Oprah Winfrey.

Judith Leiber - Internet Photos

A husband who had given his wife 14 Leiber bags in seven years asked for them back in a divorce settlement saying he could retire on the purse collection.  He must still be working because he didn't get them.  ;-)


  1. I would not have given those purses back, either! Silly man. They were gifts! And nice ones, at that. :-) I'm sure your purse presentation was well received. Our purses are indeed all that you said, and more!

  2. What an interesting topic and I am sure the ladies all enjoyed it immensely. I will have to e-mail you a picture of a vintage purse that I have that my great-aunt MADE me in the late 1950's. It is really something.

  3. I am a purse addict!. I do live out of my purses. Now that I am retired, I am trying to carry something less than a suitcase.

  4. Great subject. I’m sure the ladies enjoyed it.


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