Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

I hope all the mothers who read my blog had a Happy Mother's Day!  I did!  My son, Steve, organized the family gathering at Sycamore Hills Golf Club - the place where we've gone for our Mother's Day celebration the last four years.  They have a fabulous buffet.

I was blessed to spend the afternoon with all three of my children and their families and I couldn't have asked for a greater gift.  Lori forewent her church service to come to church with us, and Steve preached an inspiring message.  Who would have guessed that when he was a little boy and I was teaching him about Jesus, that one day he would answer God's call to ministry and guide me in God's Word!

It all began with Jerry and Me...

Then our sweet daughter Lori came along.

Then Steve [Sharon, Brianna and Brooke]

Then Jeremy [Samantha, Isabella, Landon and Ellie]

John, Tiffany and Evie couldn't join us today, but here's their family picture for Tiffany's first Mother's Day.

Evie will have her 1st Birthday on May 23rd.  A party is planned for May 26th with the theme "You are My Sunshine."

So blessed to be a mother, grandmother [Nana] of 8, and a great-grandmother to Evie.

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  1. Family is such a great blessing! I'm glad your Mother's Day was a happy one.


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