Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Spring Tea at Littlefield Presbyterian Church

Several months ago I was asked to return to Littlefield Presbyterian Church to speak at their Spring Tea.  The date was last Saturday, May 12th, and the theme was Parasols, Fans, Hankies, and Gloves.

When I was there in 2016 the theme was Long Live the Queen!  Queen Elizabeth II had just celebrated her 90th birthday a few days earlier.  We're all happy she's still going strong.

We had severe thunderstorms in southeastern Michigan last weekend, and the power went out twice while I was finalizing my presentation notes, but fortunately I was able to complete them.  

Below was the sign on the side door of the church where we entered for the tea.

The committee provided a lovely tea for 44 ladies.

Since I arrived early to set up my display table, I roamed around being a shutterbug when I was finished.  The caterers were busy with food prep.

~ My display ~

Do any of these things look familiar to you from yesteryears, or perhaps you collect them today.  They're all nostalgic items that most of us [or someone we've known] have used in times past.

The tea began at 2:00 p.m. and my program followed the meal.

~ Scones ~

~ Sandwiches ~

~ Desserts ~

It was a fun afternoon, and the ladies were very attentive and receptive.  A friend that I met through tea came and brought her mother and two other ladies.  Laura gave me a Grace Kelly book that she acquired from a library book sale [for a future presentation possibly] and a fan, since she knew that's what I was presenting on Saturday.  She chose a blue fan because she knew blue is my color.  Thanks so much, Laura!


  1. I would love to have heard your presentation. I do have a hankie "collection" since a sweet friend from church gave me a big box of them before she passed on to Glory. You'll enjoy that book and the blue fan is gorgeous!

  2. So beautiful and I know everyone had a great time. Your collection is outstanding.

  3. What an interesting post. The collections of fans,hankies and gloves are lovely.


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