Monday, April 30, 2018

Cristy Bennett's Downton Abbey Tea

Last Saturday my girlfriend, Lori, and I made our way to East Lansing, MI for another of Cristy Bennett's fabulous teas.  It was originally scheduled for April 14th, but was postponed due to a freezing rain/ice storm.  Mother Nature cooperated on Saturday and gave us good traveling weather.

With Downton Abbey's series over, it was nice to be reminded again of how wonderful the program was.  As always, Christy did an outstanding job.  I wished she would have known about Lady Carnarvon's recent contest 'Come and Dine' where Viking Cruises [the show's sponsor] partnered with Lady Carnarvon to fly the winner and seven guests to Highclere Castle for dinner with her and Earl Carnarvon plus one night's stay at the castle.  I know Cristy would have been among the finalists, if not the winner.

Peach/Coral was the color of her beautiful tablescape.  

Since I've been diligently working on a presentation about purses/handbags, I loved all the vintage evening purses Cristy used to decorate with.  Downton Abbey fashions were the theme of the tea since Cristy and David saw the exhibit when it was at Winterthur, home of Henry Francis du Pont.  

Our high tea meal began with chilled Sparkling Apple-Peach Juice.

The tea served throughout the meal was Lady Grey Tea by Twinings of London - a black tea with oil of bergamot, orange and lemon peel, and cornflowers.  David kept our teacups full.

Cristy's pink Depression glass took on a peach hue sitting on the beautiful peach lace tablecloth.

We played a fun game of Downton Abbey quotes at the end of the tea and a tin of Lady Grey tea was one of the prizes.

1st course was chilled English Cucumber Soup with a Citrus Orange Pinwheel Scone, served with Orange Curd.

2nd course was Chicken & Sun-dried Tomato Wellington, Praline Mashed Sweet Potatoes, and Vanilla Pudding Fruit Salad.

Dessert was a yummy traditional English Bakewell Tart.

When the tea was over I took more pictures of Cristy's beautifully decorated house.

~ Lori ~

~ Cristy decorated with several reticules too.  ~

Thank you for your labor of love, Cristy!  It was a beautiful tea and wonderful afternoon.


  1. What fun! I am re-watching Downton on Toledo PBS

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! Wonderful decor and food!

  3. As always, just beautiful! Would have loved to be there in person just oohing and aahing over everything!

  4. Cristy's teas are just amazing! That tablescape is stunning and I'll have to try using my pink DG with a peach tablecloth. The food looks delicious and all the decor is beautiful. I'm glad you can enjoy these teas, and I wish someone close to my home would do such!

  5. What a wonderful ta party, Phyllis, that you and Lori attended. Everything was just perfect, from the table, decor and food. You go to so many fun places!


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