Sunday, April 1, 2018

Praise to Our Risen Savior!

We were a divided family this year with everyone worshipping at different churches for Easter.  The photo below was taken at our church.  Isn't it awesome that God is omnipresent and meets with everyone regardless of multiple locations!  Those are fresh white daisies attached to the drape, representing purity and salvation through the cross.  Everyone in attendance got one. 

[Sharon, Steve, and Brooke]

Lori went to Lansing to be with Tiffany, John and Evie.  This was Evie's first Easter.  Lori texted the pictures so I had to share them.

I stopped at the meat market on the way home from Good Friday Communion to buy a boneless turkey breast for Jerry's and my dinner today, but our son, Steve, invited us out to dinner with them and another couple from church.  We enjoyed the fellowship and the turkey will keep.  

[Steve and Sharon]

[Sharon and Brooke]

Granddaughter Isabella called and said the flu bug had visited their house, so just she, Ellie and their Dad [Jeremy] went to church today.  Samantha and Landon were home under the weather.

Happy Easter from our family to yours!  Enjoy the greatest day in Christendom - Christ arose from the grave thereby conquering death, and giving forgiveness of sin and eternal life to all who believe!

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  1. I hope that nasty flu bug departs quickly from your son's house. I enjoyed seeing the photos of your family. Happy Easter!


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