Friday, April 27, 2018

A Busy Thursday

Yesterday morning I opened the last tin of Harney Tea that my girlfriend gave me for my birthday - Florence, a black chocolate flavored tea.  Yum!

My daughter, Lori, ordered Einstein bagels for her staff at the children's clinic [Administrative Professional's week and because they've been so good to her], and she got some for us too.

The Honey Almond Spread for the bagels was so good.  Tea and bagels - a great way to start the day!

Late afternoon it was off to Chelsea for granddaughter Ellie's last kindergarten concert of the year.  Spring has been SO slow arriving in Michigan this year that I had to take a picture of the beautiful daffodils in the school yard.

Izzy had just come from a tennis match, so I took her picture with Ellie in the school parking lot.

 The cute little performers.  I'm particularly partial to one!

We took a few more pics outdoors after the performance. Ellie's maternal grandparents were at the concert too.  Landon had just come from a baseball game.

~ Jeremy, Samantha, Isabella, Landon, and Ellie ~

Mommy and daughter.  Cherish the moments.  It's seems they grow up in the blink of an eye!

On another subject... One of the nurses at the clinic gave Lori a 3-piece Carole Hochman lounge pajama set before she left on her medical leave. They looked great on her and she said they were so comfortable, that I decided to get some for my two upcoming trips.  That required getting a Costco membership, but we've kicked around doing that for awhile now anyway.  They come in four colors, black, navy, gray, and purple.   They were advertised online for $19.99, but in the store they were $14.99.  Yay!   I bought two pairs - one for me and one to give to a friend. If you have a Costco's membership don't pass these up.

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