Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Questers Tablescapes - Part II

Today was Bible study at my house, so that's why this post is late.  As promised, I'm continuing photos of the tablescapes from last Saturday's Questers luncheon.

Jan, who I had the privilege of meeting last Saturday, provided me with the names of the winning tables.  Thanks, Jan!  She also happily reported that she won the raffle basket with the Lena Liu teapot.  I'm so happy for her!  Word to the wise, don't put it in a garage sale or you'll regret it later!  

Pour yourself a cup of tea and let's get started.

Table #2 - Fancy Nancy's Family and Friends

Table #3 - Farm to Table, Then and Now

These were twig placemats.

As you can see, most tables had decorated chairs to coordinate with the tablescape.

Table #4 - Brunch with Mr. Rabbit.  This table took 7th place.

Table #5 - Simplicity in Flowers

I like these placemats.  I've seen them in pictures before and wish I knew where they can be purchased.  They would be perfect for a Christmas or woodland tablescape.

Table #6 - Stages of Music

Table #7 - The Present

Table #8 - Christmas Past

Table #9 - Queen Anne Royal Lace.  This table took second place.  It was my 2nd choice too. My 1st choice was Somewhere in Time and it didn't make it to the top winners.  The ladies put so much time, planning and preparation into their tablescapes that in reality they're all winners.

Table #10  Polka Dot Passion

Table #11 - The Future

Table #13 - A Century of "I Dos"
A lovely table with original wedding invitations, napkins, cake toppers, photos and even a  wedding gown from 1908 and a wedding hat from 1942.

The lady pictured below wore the wedding dress.

Table #14 - It's All Happening in the Woods

[Goldilocks and the Three Bears]

[Hansel and Gretel]

This made me think of a Golden Book I recently found while going through my 'stuff' during the office renovation.  It's dated 1951 to Phyllis from Stevie.  I have no idea who Stevie was! Humble apologies for digressing... ;-)

[Snow White]

[Dorothy - Wizard of Oz]

[Little Red Riding Hood]

Table #15 - In the Beginning There was Williamsburg

Table #16 - The Present

Table #17 - Atomic Flower Cocktail Party
There's a bit of irony and humor to this table... it's where I was seated and I've never imbibed alcoholic beverages in my life!  

Table #18 - 1951 Singer

Favor Bags for table #18

Table #19 Dia de los Muertos

Table #20 - The Past, Roseville Theater

Whew!  You are now 1/3 of the way through the tablescapes.  As you can see, the themes are quite varied, but all very creative.

To be continued...


  1. Wow! Yes, very creative, and all of them beautiful. Thank you for sharing them, I'll look forward to the next installment.

  2. I loved seeing all the tables, they are gorgeous
    they remind me of a ladies group at a church I use to attend where we had a spring brunch every year this time. Thanks for sharing the tables

  3. Thank You fro sharing these tablescapes. Each one is nicer than the other.

  4. My granddaughter and I went to a church tea, and we had fun looking at all the themes. Thank you for sharing all of these, Phyllis!


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