Friday, March 30, 2018

Good Friday / New Office

My hubby and I went to church at noon for Good Friday Communion.  With a somber heart I reflected on what happened to Jesus Christ on this day so many years ago, but also with a grateful heart for His grace, mercy, and love that sent Him willingly to the cross for the redemption of mankind.  So thankful His plan of salvation included me and whosoever will.

[Internet Photo]

When we returned home my hubby resumed the task of putting the office back together. We're not finished, but at least I was able to start working at my new desk.  Below is a peek. The window treatment is ordered, the shelving unit for the right wall has to be assembled, and wall decorations have to be put up, but it's looking good!  I'll post final pics when it's all done.

Compartmentalized shelf from IKEA 


  1. Oh, your office is going to be so awesome!

    I can't wait till it is all done - looking forward to seeing your final results!

    Blessed Easter to you, dear Phyllis!

  2. We had a Communion service on Thursday night, then a joint Good Friday service with another nearby UM church at noon on Friday. Then two services Easter morning - and a nap for me that afternoon! Your office is looking wonderful, I really like that compartmentalized shelf.


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