Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Office Renovation Has Begun

I only have a few minutes for a progress report and then my temporary desk will be covered with a paint tarp.

Yesterday was a strenuous day for my hubby as he removed the 'monster' computer desk and lateral file cabinet from the office.   We donated it to a resale shop, and were glad to be rid of it.  It served us well for several years, but was just too big to keep.

The room is empty now except for the table of computer equipment. When my hubby disconnected all the equipment wires yesterday to remove the desk, he created a nightmare for himself by not marking them. Our landline phone still isn't working!  We'll call AT&T to come out after the new furniture is installed.  Fortunately we both have our cell phones.  If hubby had his way we'd cancel the landline and just use our cell phones.  Do you still have a landline?  Old habits die hard for me.

The border is the last visible memory of my Sandy Clough tea lady days left in the office.  We put the border on one wall when I was an independent distributor for her company, A Sandy Clough Tea.  I was ready for it to be taken down.  Life has long-since moved on, and the company no longer exists.

Today is paint day.  Monday the carpeting will be cleaned.  I watched a YouTube video on how to steam the indentations out of carpeting left by furniture, but I can't try it until the carpeting is cleaned.  Hope it works.  I really don't want to replace the carpeting if I don't have to.  Fortunately berber is durable.

Hubby is ready to get busy so I will sign off for now.  The timer for my tea just went off in the kitchen so it's time for a morning cuppa.  More reports to follow as the project progresses.


  1. I can't wait to see your office after the makeover!

  2. So exciting. I can't wait to see the new room!

  3. Oh, the joys of renovation! Your new office will be worth all the hassles, I'm sure. I do have a landline but only because I have to - can't have DSL without it around here. (I tried!) I don't use it and would gladly disconnect it if I could.

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