Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Bible Study and Touches of Easter

Today was the day my friends gathered at my house for Bible study.  Since Easter is this Sunday [how did it get here so quickly - it seems like we just celebrated Christmas!] I thought I better set out a few Easter decorations.  My house is still somewhat disheveled from the on-going office renovation, but I didn't want to postpone Bible study.

We've temporarily set aside our studies on Women of the Bible, to do Dr. David Jeremiah's study of the Book of Revelation and end-time prophecy.  It is SO good and so enlightening.  Revelation can be a daunting book to understand with its symbols and images, but Dr. Jeremiah makes everything so clear.

I didn't prepare a luncheon today, but I did serve a dessert and tea.  I always like lemon desserts at Easter time, so I made a lemon cake garnished with shredded coconut.  

I used my 222 Fifth bunny dishes [Sydney pattern]. It's not a fancy tablescape since we had just finished our Bible study sitting at the same table.

My girlfriend, Lori, took the pictures and sent them to me to post on the blog.

We had food for the soul first, and then food for the body.  Our Heavenly Father provides everything we have need of.

The tea we had with our cake was Harney & Sons Soho blend.  It's a chocolate flavored black tea, and very good. It was a birthday gift from my girlfriend.  Thanks, Sandy!  Everyone loved it.

After the ladies left, I took a picture of the vase of beautiful Easter/Spring flowers Lori brought me.  


  1. Gosh, that lemon cake looks delicious!

  2. Such sweet bunny dishes ... I’m sure that they were a hit with that delicious Lemon cake ...one of my favourites... and black tea with chocolate sounds divine... Your lovely dishes look sensational with the beautiful floral arrangement...Lucky girl... Have a Happy Easter.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Delicious lemon cake and a beautiful floral arrangement. Have a Happy Easter.

  4. So glad everyone enjoyed the tea. I had Soho blend this morning. Your table and the lemon cake looks great.


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