Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Three Days With the Grands

As you've noticed, I've been missing from my blog for a few days.  Our youngest son and daughter-in-law went on a getaway to Milwaukee for their 14th Wedding Anniversary, so we watched the grands.

We met them last Saturday morning at a Bob Evans restaurant near the airport for breakfast.  I was impressed with the restaurant's tea presentation and had to take a picture.

~ Jeremy and Ellie ~

~ Papa, Landon and Izzy ~

We brought them back to our house for the weekend, and then went back to their house late Sunday afternoon so they could be home for school on Monday morning.

The agenda for Saturday afternoon was taking them to see Peter Rabbit at the theater.  They loved it!  Later in the evening I got out my Peter Rabbit books to read to Ellie, but they were lackluster after the animated movie.  ;-)

[Internet Photo]

Izzy finished up a school project - an ancient Greek alarm clock designed by Plato - that Papa helped build and assemble.

No offense to Plato, but I'm grateful for our modern-day clocks!  

The look of three sleeping beauties on Sunday morning when I lifted the bedroom shade to wake them up.  All three wanted to sleep together on the floor in our bedroom.  I guess that's called a 'family affair!'   Izzy turns 13 in September, so I don't see that togetherness happening much longer.

I took their picture when we got to church to send to their mom - just in case she was missing them!  ;-)

Izzy's friend at school had a birthday Sunday, so once we returned to their house another girlfriend came over and they baked and decorated a birthday cake [while I supervised] to take to school yesterday [Monday].  I wish I would have remembered to take a picture.  It was a fun activity for Izzy and Sara, and they said Julia was quite pleased with her surprise cake.

Yesterday after dinner, Izzy practiced her French by making French café menus and Papa and I were her customers.  I was quite impressed that Thé was the first item on the menu!  Of course, I ordered it and she actually made me a cup of tea.  Ellie was a waitress in training! ;-)

After our Parisian café experience we were off to the airport to pick up their parents.  

Samantha brought me back a tin of Rishi loose leaf green tea [Jade Cloud] and some Parisian notecards.  I guess Thé and Paris were the theme of the night.  Thanks, Sam!

Jerry and I are back home today where things are slower paced and a bit quieter.  It was a fun three days!

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  1. How wonderful to have this special time with these three amazing grandchildren. Looks like you made some great memories with them this weekend.


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