Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Snowflake Tea

My hubby and I had 10:00 a.m. dental appointments yesterday, and on our way home we stopped at one of my favorite bakeries [Christine's] to get some scones.  

Unfortunately there wasn't a single scone in their display case, but there were many other delectables.  I loved a sign that hung on the wall:  'Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.'  ;-)

I asked permission to take a photo of their 'Thanksgiving cake.'  How creative is that?

Since there were no scones, I purchased some patriotic sugar cookies that were very appropriate for election day.

I mentioned in previous posts that I ordered Snowflake tea at both of the Pennsylvania tearooms I visited recently.  I don't know who the blender/purveyor is, but it's SO good.  It's a black tea with the perfect mix of coconut and almond.  It smells as good as it tastes. When we were in Rosemary House [Herb Shop], next door to Sweet Remembrances tearoom, Joanie bought me a 2 oz. bag of the loose leaf tea.  Thanks, Joanie!  I'm enjoying it immensely.

I would have preferred enjoying it with a scone, but it went perfectly with sugar cookies too!


  1. That tea does sound delicious!

  2. The Snowflake tea is a blend crafted by local tea purveyor Mim Enck of The East Indies Tea Company in Lebanon, PA. It is one of our most popular teas! The delightful combination of coconut, almond, and a hint of cinnamon just makes for a magical blend! Let it snow!


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