Friday, November 4, 2016

Afternoon Tea at Camellias Sin Tearoom

Camellias Sin tearoom is located at 36 West Pomfret Street in Carlisle, PA.  The Afternoon Tea is $30 which includes tax and gratuity.

We selected three different black tea blends throughout our Afternoon Tea experience, and they were all wonderful.  Our first tea was Caramel Apple.  When that teapot was empty we switched to their House Blend - four black teas with caramel, currant, bergamot, and vanilla. Our last selection was Snowflake - a blend with coconut, cinnamon and almonds - my favorite of the three.  

~ Linda and Joanie ~

A close-up of the antique china cabinet behind Linda and Joanie.

The soup I chose was Apple Butternut Squash.  All food is prepared on site.

It was followed by a salad of mixed greens.

~ Lori and Me ~

For our scones we each chose a different one and cut it in quarters so we could have a taste of each. The flavors were Chocolate Chip; Maple Pecan; Caramel Apple, and a Rosemary Cheddar savory scone.

~ Our wonderful server. ~

Sandwiches/Savories were:  Cucumber; Falling Leaves - Beet and Carrot on Swirl and Brown Bread; Herb Pork Crostini, and Apple Onion Tart.  

Our desserts were a Black Magic Cupcake; Pumpkin Cheesecake drizzled with Caramel; and a Spicy Molasses Cookie.  It would have been difficult to pick a favorite in any of the categories because everything was delicious.

One final photo of Lori and me before leaving the tearoom.

When we left the tearoom we drove a short distance to Bedford Street Antiques, also in Carlisle. The building that houses the antique mall has an interesting history.  It began as a Lutheran Church in 1852, then in 1899 J.W. Plank purchased it and converted it into a garment manufacturing company that stayed in business through the 1970's.  The current owner purchased the building in 2003 for an antique mall where over 100 antique dealers have booths.  The first and second floors have 24,000 sq. feet to display a lot of antiques.

I saw many lovely items on the first floor, but it was on the second floor that I saw treasures which had to come home with me.  Look at that winding staircase!

If you follow my blog you know I love blue and white dishware, and display it in my living room.  I found two lovely blue and white transferware soup tureens. They've already been placed on the built-in shelves.

A while back, a member of an online tea-themed group, Afternoon Tea Across America, posted a picture of a porcelain strawberry dish on the group's Facebook page. I had never seen them before, and the antique store had two. I purchased the one that appropriately had strawberries on it.  Love the cream pitcher and sugar bowl 'compartments' affixed to each side.

It's bone china made by Hamersley in England.   The owner of the booth happened to be in the store and graciously gave me a discount.  I got it for $31.50.  I told her I'd be blogging about it, so I hope she sees this post.

I was quite pleased with my purchases, and the other gals were pleased with their's.  Below we're at the check-out counter paying for our treasures.

We bought so much 'stuff' we needed a cart to take it all to our car!  ;-)  The nesting tables were Joanie's purchase.

The next day [Sunday, Oct. 30th], we had reservations for a Halloween Tea at Sweet Remembrances tearoom in Mechanicsburg, PA - next post... 


  1. Those teas sounds so, so good! The food looks delicious, too, but it was the teas that really caught my attention. I love your blue & white "finds", too.

  2. How fun and you girls looks so "well behaved" too!

  3. I love that strawberry dish and have never seen anything like it before. I'm going to be giving a Strawberry Tea and will be on the lookout for one. It would be perfect!

  4. You girls look so pretty all dressed up for tea time! What a lovely tearoom! Wonderful tureens! The first one is so unique. Is it called calico? I have one like your second one, only no mark on the bottom. I know they both must look so nice in your home! I have never seen a strawberry dish! So pretty!


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