Monday, November 14, 2016

A Birthday Celebration and a Meeting Over Tea

On Saturday [November 12th] we traveled to Chelsea, MI to celebrate two birthdays - grandson Landon's 8th, and husband Jerry's BIG 70 - or as he called it, his 'three score and ten!'

Landon opened his gifts first and liked his large Michigan State Spartan blanket and hooded sweatshirt from us [even though they've had an unfavorable season]. 

Then it was Jerry's turn to open his presents with Landon and Ellie by his side.

I made a Chocolate Mound Cake for the celebration [Jerry's favorite].

Now to bring this post around to tea... Last Thursday, November 10th, First Lady Michelle Obama hosted Melania Trump for tea in the Yellow Oval Room in the private residence of the White House.  Afterwards Mrs. Obama took Mrs. Trump on a tour of the private residence.

[White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy]

It's difficult to see the cups and saucers sitting on the side tables in the above photo, but the two ladies sipped their tea from the Obama State China which was unveiled in April 2015. Below is a close-up.

The blue was inspired by the waters of President Obama's home state of Hawaii and is called Kailua Blue.  The gold Presidential coat of arms appears at the center of the service and dessert plates and on the straight-sided 'can' cup interchangeable for coffee or tea.  It was manufactured in the Obama's home state of Illinois by Pickard China of Antioch. 

Melania Trump, born in Slovenia, will be the second First Lady to be born outside the country.  The first was Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams, wife of the sixth President, John Quncy Adams. She was born in London, England.


  1. Happy Birthday to the gentlemen in your family! And I did not know about the Obama State China until recently, but I sure wish I owned some of it -- that color is gorgeous!

  2. Happy Birthday to your men.

    That state china is lovely.

  3. Happy birthday to your grandson AND your husband! That blue rim on the presidential china is lovely, although that is not my favorite cup shape.


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