Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Back to School!

Last Wednesday [Nov. 23rd] I attended the first of two PowerPoint classes at the City of Warren's main library, connected to City Hall. I'm taking the class because I believe PowerPoint will enhance my presentations.

14 attendees signed up for the class, but only 6 actually showed up [Thanksgiving preparations must have kept them away].  I was at the computer lab at 9:30 a.m.  for the two hour beginner's class.  The second and final class will be tomorrow.

When class was over I looked at some local artist's paintings in the lobby.

I smiled when I saw one pertaining to tea called Bag Lady.  

On another subject... Jerry sent me a picture of him and Steve taken in New York City yesterday afternoon. While they were walking near 78th and Broadway, Jerry spotted a handcrafted oak bicycle in one of the shops.  Since his hobby is finished carpentry, he was quite impressed with bike. The owner let him take it outside for a picture.  


  1. Good for you for learning Power Point! I admit I know nothing about it. Love the "Bag Lady" painting. And that bicycle is amazing!

  2. Good for you for learning Power Point! I think you will find many uses for it!


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