Thursday, November 10, 2016

Black, Gold and White China

Even though I have a lot of teacups, I don't think of myself as a teacup collector.  Up until recently I've never focused on any particular type of teacup.  One of my friends collects teacups with violets or ivy on them.  Another with pink roses, but I had no criteria except liking it.

Since I'm trying to downsize, however, going forward I'm only going to purchase black and white teacups with gold trim.  

I decided to share my small collection today.  I'm having two ladies for Afternoon Tea this Monday, and I'm trying to decide whether to use a black tablescape or a fall tablescape. I'll let you know which one wins out.

I saw three black teacups at Pennsylvania antique stores recently, but because I purchased the soup tureens and ramekin I passed on them.   

Below is the teacup I purchased on my recent visit to Mackinac Island.  It's a Tuscan.

~ A Salisbury ~

~ An Adderley ~ 

My most reasonable black and gold teacup wasn't made in England.  It's by Grace's Teaware from Marshall's.

I also have a black and white musical tea set that I'll share in tomorrow's post.  Do you collect a particular type or style of teacup?


  1. I like the black ones! I have one that has a 'tea' plate instead of a saucer.

  2. I’m still in the "if I like it" style of collecting teacups, but I am drawn to violets, moss roses, and transferware, especially blue. Your black/glad/white collection is lovely.

  3. This will be a classic and striking collection! The pops of color really stand out against the black and white and gold. I downsized a bunch of my teawares when I moved to Oregon. It was so hard, so I'm sending love. But know this... I am SO glad I did it! It feels freeing to have things I love that I use, but not excess.

  4. I've always been a fan of black teacups! I try to limit acquisitions to teacups in my favourite colours (purple, aqua).


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