Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Tea-centered Day.

I left home yesterday morning with a list of places to visit.  First was the meat market to purchase two Amish boneless turkey breasts for Thanksgiving. 

I've heard about Netflix before, but I've never watched any of the movies.  My son said a special electronic 'box' had to be purchased and connected to the TV, and a monthly Netflix account established before I could watch them.  I've heard so many good things about The Crown - a drama series chronicling the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940's to modern times [and it's full of tea scenes], that I decided to purchase a 'box'.  I'm almost able to watch Netflix!  Are you watching The Crown?

I have liked Pure Leaf ready-to-drink tea ever since the Food Network Channel endorsed it in the spring of 2013.  There are bottles in my refrigerator right now.

The Daily Tea [an informative e-publication about tea] devoted yesterday's issue to Pure Leaf, but not ready-to-drink bottled tea.  The company has recently begun producing loose-leaf teas and sachets in jars for both iced tea... [classic Black Tea and Black Tea with Peach from Kenya, and Green Tea with Citrus from Indonesia].

..And hot tea.  The only thing perplexing is why have they packaged it in clear glass jars when light is one of tea's enemies?  The hot teas in sachets [16 per jar] are Black Tea with Vanilla, Green Tea with Mint and Chai Tea.  There are two types of loose-leaf tea in jars: English Breakfast Black Tea and Gunpowder Green Tea.   I'm anxious to give it a try and will report back.  These were on the tea aisle in Walmart.

My last store before going home was Dollar Tree Store.  I had seen on a group Facebook page that they had tea-themed 2017 calendars and stickers.  I was happy to find both at my local Dollar Tree store.

The calendar comes in a 2-pack with a large calendar and a smaller tea-themed calendar.  I loved the first inspirational quote that I read on the large calendar:  "Cheerfulness is the atmosphere in which all things thrive."  ~ Jean Paul Richter 

My monthly tea program at the Assisted Living facility is this Sunday, so I purchased some of the calendars to give as prizes for a Thanksgiving game we're going to play.

The tea-themed calendar is cute with 12 different tea photos.  My Shelley 'Dainty Blue' teacup is pictured on the front of the calendar.

And last but not least are the stickers.  I thought my younger granddaughters might like them. They would be perfect for scrapbooking too.  [Just throw out the coffee sticker! ;-)]

If I discover any other tea-related items I'll be sure to share them.


  1. Sounds like a busy and fun day!

  2. I had been thinking about getting Netflix and when I learned that The Crown was coming out, I just had to sign up! We didn't get the "box" yet, but I'm able to watch it on the computer. Each season will span 10 years of her reign. It's wonderful! And I'll be making a run to Dollar Tree for the stickers and calendar soon! Thanks for the "shopping alert"!

  3. I forgot to mention that when I was in Dollar Tree a few weeks ago, I found some really cute beverage napkins. They're Asian-inspired with teacups in teal, coral and black. I found them over in the party section on a rack with different kinds of napkins.

  4. Krogers in Livonia had the tea bags.


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