Thursday, October 8, 2015

Yates Cider Mill

I don't know if clear skies in October with 70 degree temps is Michigan's Indian Summer, but it's perfect for visiting the cider mill.  There are a few to pick from in my area, and Jerry and I opted for the closest one yesterday afternoon - Yates Cider Mill in Rochester MI.

We weren't the only ones who wanted to visit the cider mill - it was bustling with people.

Inside the barn you can watch the cider making process.

My cold cider and cinnamon sugar donut was yummy!  Jerry opted for an apple hand pie instead of a donut. We sat down on a bench to enjoy our treats, but there were so many bees buzzing around we ate in our car.


Apple trees and tea plants are both great gifts to enjoy from Mother Earth, plus a whole lot more!

As you can see, most of the trees haven't started to turn colors yet.

A meandering Clinton River tributary behind the cider mill.  


  1. What a lovely place to visit! There's a wonderful orchard about 25 minutes from us, and people here regularly visit it for fresh cider, fried apple pies, and apple donuts. And apples, of course! . :-) Yum!

  2. Just two weeks ago, we were in Vermont drinking apple cider and munching on apple cider donuts at Tasha Tudor's home. A little bit of heaven on earth!


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