Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Newest Tea Finds

In the post about my visit to the Royal Eagle Tea House last Friday, I promised I'd share what I bought in their gift shop, and at La Belle's antique store.  

My built-in living room shelves are full, but I keep finding more blue and white things to put on them, like the small milk pitcher in the Blue Willow pattern. I knew my purchase was going to a good cause at the monastery.  [How's that for rationalization?]

And I did manage to find a spot for it on one of the shelves with other Blue Willow pieces. 

At LaBelle's I found four vintage hand embroidered linen napkins.  Shown below is a sugar bowl, but the other three have a cream pitcher, teapot, and teacup embroidered on them.

~ A small blue and white tea set ~

The tea bowls remind me of the size used in the 1700's, holding only a few small, precious sips.

And there was, indeed, a spot for it on a shelf.  

And lastly, vintage salt and pepper shakers with a mustard jar.  

The front and backs are different.  Zout is Dutch for salt.

My search for fall dishes in the Harvest Festival pattern continues.  Yesterday I went to another Marshalls store and found one salad plate, and a set of four napkins to match the tablecloth I purchased.

On the clearance rack I couldn't resist an oversized teacup that holds 15 oz. for just $6. 

That concludes my latest finds.  Have you been shopping lately?  What did you purchase?


  1. Wow, Phyllis, you really scored with all your finds! I love your little Blue Willow creamer and the hankies are lovely. I do love that Harvest Festival pattern too and I'm so glad your found more to add to your collection. Have a beautiful day.


  2. I do like all your finds! Those embroidered napkins are darling.and your new blue/white pieces fit into your shelves nicely. It is nice to be close to one Marshall's store, let alone a second one - and I'm glad you found some more of the pieces you want there. The only place I have shopped this week is WalMart - we do have one of these now, and while it is not my favorite place, I love the new "Pioneer Woman" line, and purchased a couple of lovely purple glass goblets that will mix and match well with the three I inherited from my grandmother. I enjoy reading about all your finds!

  3. Wow - some very wonderful treasures are here! Looks like a great day not only having tea but collecting. I especially loved the napkins as I always buy any with teacups, etc and have some very similar ones myself. Thanks for sharing Phyllis!


  4. There's always room for more blue and white! Those hand embroidered napkins are adorable. I'm always on the lookout for vintage tea towels and napkins with tea themes.

  5. Nice! The napkins are especially darling. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful blue and white. It's always my favorite. The embroidered napkins are so pretty. What a great find.

  7. WOW!!!! You really found some awesome treasures! I love every single thing you found! GL with finding the rest of the set of that pretty harvest pattern. Remember to try ebay, ya never know! Hugs!


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