Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October Tea Tasting at The Rendezvous With Tea

Yesterday I attended my 8th tea tasting at The Rendezvous With Tea in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI.

We sampled eight teas - three green, one oolong [pouchong], and four black. Naszreen, the owner, had an additional 'surprise' tea for us as well.

The tasting area was set up and ready to begin, with eight attendees.

Two of the green teas were unflavored - Moon Swirl White Tip from Hunan, China, and Zebra Sencha from Kenya.  Michigana, a gunpowder mixed with cherries, apple, and a hint of lemon, is one of Naszreen's signature teas.

The oolong [pouching] was Single Trunk Phoenix.  Two of the black teas were estate teas from Imboolpittia Estate and Craighead Estate in Sri Lanka.  Southern Belle, a black tea blended with Ceylon cinnamon and peach essence to impart a peach cobbler taste, is another of Naszreen's signature teas.  The last black tea was Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Chai - perfect for this time of year.

As always, a dish of the dry leaf was passed around to smell and touch.

We sampled the pumpkin chai in a tasting cup without any additions or enhancements, then Naszreen surprised us with demitasse cups of chai she prepared adding half and half and a a little sweetened condensed milk.  It was transformed into a delicious dessert tea - so good that I had seconds!

At the conclusion of the tasting Naszreen always serves a savory and desserts.  In the photo below she's passing around individual pumpkin cakes.

A slice of quiche, pumpkin cake, and a chocolate ganache topped caramel bar.  Yummy!

I purchased 50 grams of the Pumpkin Chai, and 25 grams of the Southern Belle.

The next tasting is November 4th.


  1. Oh my what a fun, enjoyable and interesting day! The food looks delicious and I'd be having seconds on the pumpkin chai, too.

  2. I can't think of a better way to try new teas to purchase and you're lucky to be close enough for the tea tastings.

  3. Oh, they all sound wonderful, especially the Southern Belle (I am a Georgia peach, after all!) and the pumpkin chai with sweetened milk.

  4. These tea tastings look like so much fun! It sounds as though Naszreen puts a lot of thought and care into her tea tastings. And I think that sweetened chai recipe sounds quite delicious!


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