Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A New License Plate and a Good Fortune

I've had my current license plate for ten years, and Public Act 179 of 2013 prohibits Michigan Secretary of State from renewing any plate that is 10 years old, effective this year.

When my plate expires in November, it'll become memorabilia.

A number must now precede letters. My hubby and I played around with a few combinations, but in the end the new plate doesn't vary much from the old one.  We ordered it Monday, and await its arrival.  I have ten years to ponder the next plate.  

Our favorite Chinese restaurant was the place for our main meal yesterday afternoon.  I especially enjoy drinking oolong tea now with fall's cooler temperatures.

One of the fortune cookies said, "A friend is a gift you give yourself."  How true!

After the restaurant I continued shopping for 222 Fifth Harvest Festival dishes, and made more progress.  I found a set of four dessert plates and salad plates.  Still no teacups, only mugs, and those aren't my preference.   The search continues...


  1. Love your license plates! Perfect for you. And I,m glad you are continuing to find the Festival dishes, hope you will find teacups soon.

  2. Oh my I love your harvest festival dishes... they will certainly add sparkle to any dinner table or party.

  3. I hope our personalized licence plates don't on a 10 year expiry, that's a shame but at least the new one is similar.
    The fortune cookie had good wisdom to share.

  4. Visiting from Judith's ... great license plate, but rather a shame that you have to mess it up with a number first. I imagine that will annoy a lot of people with their creative plates! I just have a picture of a loon (our provincial bird) on my plate with any old numbers.

    Nice set of autumn plates! Good luck in the teacup search.

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