Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tea Time Magazine

I love Hoffman Media's Tea Time magazine.  It's my favorite magazine in print, and I have every issue dating back to 2004.  They are neatly and loosely bound by year, so I can pull any issue out to look at.

It almost seems too early to be thinking about Christmas since Halloween hasn't been celebrated yet, but Christmas is in all of the stores, so today I'm enjoying my Tea Time Special Collector's Issue and November/December 2015 Christmas Special Issue, while sipping tea in a Christmas teacup!

The magazines are chock-full of gorgeous color photos, recipes, theme teas with tablescape ideas, porcelain china, regional tea rooms and calendar of events, gifts along with vendor information, and quotes.

I love the quote from Calvin Coolidge in the collector's issue:  
"Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind.
To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy,
is to have the real spirit of Christmas."

Now that fall has arrived, I look forward to cozy nights with Tea Time magazines and a hot cup of tea [decaf for nighttime].

What's your favorite magazine?


  1. Tea Time is indeed a beautiful magazine. I admire the way you have your copies organized. :-) My favorite magazine ceased publication this year and I'm still sad about it, it was "Sew Beautiful". Although I don't have much time to sew, I am doing more of it since my children are grown and I have a greaddaughter, and I miss the inspiration of that magazine. Sigh. Thankfully I have many back issues, not quite as organized as yours, but maybe I can work on that!

  2. Tea Time is my favorite magazine but I can seldom find it - and I keep dropping hints for ANYone in my family to get my a subscription to it.....have had in the past....I need to do this for myself one of these days soon. Or better yet, if i bring the tea and snacks, may I come over and visit YOU and read all your hoards of them? You have quite a huge collection of them, whoo hoo - we'll be up all night, won't we? : - )

  3. I have all my back issues, too (with multi colored post-its as bookmarks to mark my favorites!

  4. I do like Tea Time and my husband got me a subscription as a surprise! My favorite magazine is Victoria, though, and he got me that one too!

    This November/December issue is so pretty, isn't it?


  5. Isn't it fun to revisit past issues of favorite magazines! I have all of them too! Amazing how soon Christmas will approach!

  6. Phyllis, found your lovely blog through your comment on Sandi's blog. I see your tea "journey" started in 1997. Always glad to find another tea aficionado! My journey started considerably earlier -- I've been drinking tea since about the age of two! My mother's family was English, so tea was always there. I've followed my grandmother's habit of putting on the kettle several times a day and sometimes during the night! :D

  7. You know, I was stumped when I first read your question, because I've never been asked to name one single favorite magazine, but today, it would have to be Tea Time! It's the one publication I receive that's purely for pleasure, non-controversial, not about politics, or self-help, or beauty … just the lovely subject of teatime!


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