Friday, October 16, 2015

Lunch with an Old Friend!

You may remember me blogging about my 50th high school reunion that was recently held on September 25th, but I didn't mention that one of the gals I was good friends with in Junior High [we drifted apart in High School amongst so many other students] sought me out at the reunion.  I hadn't seen or had any contact with her in 50 years, but we promised to have lunch together after the reunion.  Yesterday was the day.  I drove down to my old stomping grounds and met her at a restaurant.

She proved the saying is true:  "A true friend is someone you can go years without seeing and when you reconnect nothing has changed!"

[Regina Reggie and Me]

It took me over two hours to eat Logans Kickin' Chicken Salad because we had so much catching up to do!

Another classmate who is also a blogger, blogged about the reunion today too.  I loved two of the quotes she put on her blog:

"Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional."  
~ Chili Davis ~

On another subject...
When I was at the Questers meeting Wednesday night I saw some vintage cobalt blue egg cups that I liked in the museum gift shop.  It was after closing, so no one was manning the shop, and the egg cups weren't priced.

I couldn't get them off my mind, so before I headed down to meet my girlfriend for lunch I phoned the museum to inquire about them.  The museum was open until 3:00 p.m., so they told me to stop by after my lunch appointment and they'd have an answer for me.

After Reggie and I said our goodbyes, I drove the 11 miles over to McFadden-Ross House, where the egg cups were waiting at $5 each.  I bought all four.  While I was there, I got a little history about the house that I didn't know when I was there Wednesday night.

Before it was a residential farm house, it was an arsenal, built in 1839.  The arsenal closed in 1875, and the building was sold at auction. Nathaniel Ross and his wife, Elizabeth McFadden Ross, purchased it.  Over the years they made several changes and additions, including raising the roof and adding a second story.  They raised their family in the house, and farmed six acres of land around the structure.  When Elizabeth died in 1950 she left her entire estate to the City of Dearborn, specifying that it be used for a museum and educational purposes.  The museum opened to the public in October, 1956.

A museum employee allowed me to take a few pictures inside.  He said it was easy to tell the structure was a former arsenal because of the unusually thick walls [a safety precaution for the explosive gunpowder].

The two rooms I particularly wanted to photograph were the kitchen...

And the bathroom.  I love the sink, and how 'bout that bathtub!

What a fun day of getting caught up with my girlfriend, and learning about the museum too! When I got home I placed the egg cups on a shelf in the living room where they'll reside - except during a tea party.  I think they'll be perfect filled with Devonshire cream when I use my cobalt blue dishes.


  1. Isn't it fun to reconnect with friends from years ago? I enjoyed the photos of the museum, too, and am so glad you could get the egg cups. So pretty!

  2. Beautiful color on those egg cups, and they will be cute with Devonshire cream in them for a tea party.

    I don't know if you know it yet but you won my tea give away!


  3. How nice to catch up with your friend Reggie, since our last reunion I've connected with a fellow classmate on FB.
    The cobalt blue egg cups are awesome, I have a couple the same in clear glass and sure do like your idea for putting Devonshire cream in them.

  4. Now those look lovely! What a fun day!

  5. How fun meeting up with an old friend! I have one of those egg cups in pink and would like to find more to use with my Desert Rose and pink Depression glass at Easter. The blue ones sure are pretty too!

  6. What a fun day you had! So glad you were able to buy the pretty egg cups! They look lovely on your shelf with your other blues!

  7. How exciting that the reunion continues, in a sense! Love the history of the McFadden-Ross house, and I'm glad you went back for those gorgeous cobalt blue egg cups. I'd say those definitely belong with you!


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