Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Romeo Victorian Festival

Romeo is a quaint town about 23 miles north of where I live.   This past Saturday, May 19th, I attended their annual Victorian Festival with my girlfriend, Sandy.

It was a perfect day - 76 degrees, and ideal for walking Main Street and visiting antique and gift shops.

Civil War re-enactors were there, and ladies strolled the streets and shops in Victorian costumes. 

All the stores participated in the festivities.

A favorite antique store is located in Romeo - Kane's Town Hall Antiques.  This lady was strolling through the store when I asked to take her picture.  She said since it was for my blog I should be in the photo with her.  Isn't she pretty?

Below are my Saturday purchases.   The green and white teapot on the left matches an everyday set of dishes my mother used when I was growing up.   I think she got them at the A & P grocery store when they offered different pieces each week.   There are no markings on the teapot.  My Mom didnt have the teapot, only the creamer and sugar, and she got rid of the entire set years ago.  Since they're from the the late 50's/early 60's,  I could  probably find the sugar and creamer, and coordinating  dishes at resale shops if I was diligent in searching - not that I need another collection!   They're durable pottery/earthenware type dishes and not fine china.

A hand-pained ramekin is in the middle.  I first saw vintage ramekins at Magnolia & Ivy.  They used them for serving dainty portions of soup.   I thought they were beautiful and started collecting them, but that's a separate post entirely.

I couldn't resist the teapot on the left, because it's a tea shop.

Teapot Close-ups

A couple of years ago I found a tea shop cookie jar in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and after I got home I found the teapot to match.   You may remember me blogging about it previously.   Now I'm wondering if the teapot I just acquired has a cookie jar to match too?   Time will tell!

I spotted this beaded, crocheted milk jug [or water goblet] cover for $2.00, so it came home with me too!

And I've saved the best for last... when Sandy came for an outing in May she gave me  a Shelley teacup and saucer, which I blogged about.   When she came last Saturday, she brought me the dessert plate and berry bowl that matches.   Now I have a trio and an accessory piece.  Thanks, Sandy!  It's lovely!


  1. Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon. And what lovely treasures you acquired.. especially the gift from Sandy!

  2. Great finds and a beautiful gift!

  3. Oooh, I would have fit right in with this festival, and would love to do the antique shopping, although I do have a hard time with my bustle in a tea shop. :)

  4. My goodness, you just have something fun going on all the time up there in Michigan! Glad you and Sandy had such a good time—and what great finds! I love the way you shop, and of course the gifts from Sandy are both beautiful and thoughtful! Oh, and I love your TEA shirt!

  5. :-) You would look lovely in one of those big straw hats!

  6. You and Sandy do have some fun adventures. Lovely finds too.


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