Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Newly Acquired Treasures

For the past seven years the City of Warren, MI has hosted a garage sale in the city's large parking structure on the Sunday and Monday of Memorial weekend.

Sunday, after church,  I went to see what "treasures" were available, and I didn't come home empty handed.   The $1 admittance fee  was worth the opportunity of browsing all the booths.

Here are my treasures:   A hand painted teapot trivet.  There are no markings on the back, but it was worth the $1.00 I paid.

Two burgundy water goblets for $3.00 each.  Target sold these five or six years ago and I bought some for my family Christmas Eve dinners.   When some of the grandchildren  "graduated" from the kids table to the adult table I became short, so I was  happy to find them.  I'm still keeping my eye out for more, but these were a great price.

Two clear glass egg cups for $1.00 each.  I've collected several over the years.   They're easier to find in Canada because that's were they were manufactured [Dominion Glass].   I use them at tea parties to hold mock Devonshire cream, lemon curd, and jam for scones.    I've also used them for serving sorbet as a palate cleanser between courses.  They're the perfect size for small portions.  Isn't re-purposing fun!

Lastly, a beautiful newly made apron for $35.00.   The lady who had the booth used to attend my church.  She knew I liked teapots and said she had the perfect apron for me.

The "bib" is detachable so the apron can be worn as a half apron as well.  It's beautiful fabric and Bonita's detail is striking.   She includes a crisp vintage [75 years old] hankie in the pocket of her aprons that belonged to her mother.

One last treasure, but it didn't come from the City garage sale.   Sandy, a lady who works with my daughter, recently had the task of sorting through the possessions of a deceased loved one.   My daughter mentioned that I liked tea, so Sandy brought her a teacup from the estate to give to me.

It was packaged in a green J.L. Hudson's box [seen in the background], but I don't know if it actually came from Hudson's.    It's Royal Cathay China and the pattern is Silver Gardenia. 

In an attempt to  research the manufacturer, it appears Royal Cathay may have been  produced by Royal Doulton.  E-bay and Replacements Limited sell Royal Cathay,  but neither source states where the china was manufactured, and it's not on the backstamp of the china.   If anyone has knowledge pertaining to Royal Cathay China I'd love to hear it.

It's a beautiful teacup and one I'll treasure.  Thanks, Sandy, for your thoughtfulness and generosity!


  1. Such lovely bargain treasures! And the idea of a bib apron that converts to a half apron is simply perfect! A two-for-one apron!

  2. I'm so happy to hear you found such great treasures at the city's garage sale! That trivet was a steal, and glass egg cups? Why, I've never heard of them! And before I even read what you did with them, I was thinking, "Wouldn't those be great for serving lemon curd and jam?" (Great minds think alike!) Now you've got me wanting red Christmas glassware. That apron ... I have never seen one that's such a two-for-one deal like that. Perfect! And of course I am thrilled with your possibly-from-Hudson's teacup. I love gardenias!


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