Friday, August 12, 2022

This and That

It's Friday and August is moving a long quickly.  I have one knee injection and two therapy sessions behind me, and I put my knee to the test yesterday by an afternoon of clothes shopping [a more fun kind of therapy!]. There's still some discomfort but treatment is early on, so I remain hopeful.  One lady in Chico's yesterday told me the injections brought her 14 years of success with her knees before she had to have knee replacement surgery, while a sales associate said they didn't help her at all.  I hope I have the success of the first lady.  Physical therapy definitely revealed how out of shape I am, but as the saying goes, no pain, no gain.  No photos are allowed inside the therapy facility, so I had to be content with an outside shot of the building to post.

I had good luck shopping at Chico's, while nothing called my name at Macy's or Penney's.  I like in-store shopping much better than online where I can try things on and see them in person. Apparently I'm in the minority as the once thriving Lakeside Mall near my house was a ghost of its former self - so many closed stores.   Below are photos of two tops I bought at Chico's and two more are coming in the mail since they didn't have my size in that store location.  They'll be perfect for work.

Jeremy and Landon flew out to California on Tuesday to drive Izzy back home, but not before a few fun departing events in California first - like a game at Dodger Stadium.  Izzy and Ellie will be coming to our house next week for their annual back to school shopping - Izzy's last time as she'll be a senior this year [sob].  

Jeremy's company broke ground for a new retirement community near my house so I took pictures yesterday to send him to show the progress.  Maybe there'll be tea party opportunities there.  So many retirement and assisted living facilities going up everywhere to accommodate all the baby boomers [which includes me!].

I created the flier to be distributed Sunday for the first ladies' tea party that will be held in our new church building. I'm hoping it will be well attended.  I've secured a great caterer -Victoria's Tea Salon.

[click on to enlarge for reading]

And speaking of tea parties... this beautiful cake came through my Facebook feed yesterday.  I can only imagine how long it took to decorate.  It's almost too pretty to eat.

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. I'm glad your knee injection is helping and hope that will continue! Shopping is definitely more fun than PT! You'll have fun back-to-school shopping with your grand-girls, too. And that cake is amazing!


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