Monday, August 8, 2022

A Full Day

I had a 10:45 appointment this morning to get the first of five hyaluronic acid injections in my right knee.  It's not a steriod shot and has good reviews as an alternative to knee replacement surgery.  So we shall see...  I was fitted for a knee brace which has to be worn for three hours following each injection, and it was recommended that I wear it to work.  Isn't it a lovely fashion accessory?  I will conceal it under slacks at work.   The injection was quick and practically painless.  Tomorrow and Thursday will be physical therapy days, and such will be my schedule for four more weeks.  

After the injection my hubby and I went to one of our favorite restuarants for lunch - El Charro's Mexican Food.  It never disappoints.

Then we went to a matinee showing of Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris at MJR Partridge Creek Mall.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and highly recommend it.  I will probably buy it when it's available on DVD.

As I was scanning the photos on my Facebook feed this afternoon I saw the picture of the teacup below, and immediately recognized it and thought 'we have one just like that at The Whitney'.  Then I realized it was a Whitney post! ;-)  We continue to stay very busy on Saturdays - served 107 for Mansion Tea last week on the first and second floors.  

One of the servers from The Whitney went to Meadow Brook Hall for the first time last week, and came to work on Saturday with a surprise tea-themed gift bag for me.  Thanks, Kristin!

I finished my Shutterfly album last night and sent it winging its way through cyberspace in time to get the unlimited pages sales promotion. 

What have you been doing to stay busy during this hot month of August?


  1. I hope your knee injections will be very successful, along with the physical therapy. Congratulations on getting another Shutterfly album done! And what a lovely gift from your co-worker. The elderberry tea sounds interesting, let us know how you like it. - Joy

  2. Hoping your knee gets better! I watched the version of Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris with Angela Lansbury on Youtube. I think it's from 1992 & they called it Mrs. Arris Goes to Paris. It's really cute!


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