Friday, February 5, 2021

As Seen From My Window

Meteorologists told us snow was coming and temps were plunging, and when I lifted the window shade this morning this is the landscape I saw.   It's beautiful to look at if you can stay inside, which I plan to do, since there's a winter weather advisory in effect until 7:00 p.m. tonight.

Tomorrow I'll return to work at The Whitney for the reopening of their tea service.  At the staff meeting on Wednesday my boss suggested I go to the third floor pastry kitchen to view our new food selections displayed on the tiered server.  The choux pastry shell on the top tier and the wonton cup on the bottom tier will both be hot canapes, and weren't filled yet.  The scones will be served separately when guests are seated.  I'm not sure why the desserts were placed on the middle tier separating the savories.

Below is pastry chef, Eric Bunge, who has been with The Whitney since 2014.  He bakes everything fresh daily and his skills are outstanding.  He has just recently been given oversight of all the food on the tiered servers, and his food presentations are works of art.

On the eve of my birthday, I've already received several cards in the mail.  Some of them are from you who follow my blog. Thank you for thinking of me! Since I'll be working two seatings tomorrow, I declined going out for a b-day dinner on the actual day, and opted for Monday night instead when I'll be perky and rested.  ;-)

I don't normally work Sundays since that's the Sabbath, but I did consent to working this Sunday since the restaurant is just reopening and the staff is getting acclimated to returning to work. We have a new chef and sous chef too, so we're all working together to make this a successful weekend.  My hubby will be going by himself to our son's house in Chelsea to watch the Super Bowl, and at Jeremy's request I'm baking two Boston Cream pies today for Jerry to take.

I ordered two gifts to me from me!  ;-)  A lovely embroidered teapot purse that I saw on Facebook ATAA, and a Beauty and the Beast tea set.  I think my youngest granddaughter might enjoy attending a tea party with this set.  I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of both. There's actually a Mrs. Pott's purse too, but I haven't succumbed to that yet!


  1. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

  2. I'm glad you could stay inside while that snow was falling! We had about an inch and a half on the ground Sunday morning, but it melted by noon. That's the kind I like - pretty, then gone! I like your presents to yourself, too. That purse is so pretty, and the tea set is adorable. Happy Birthday!


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