Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sunday Musings

Saturday is our Sunday for the time being while we're sharing a church facility waiting for our new church to be built.   My hubby and I drove by the property yesterday after church service to see the progress.  The building is completely enclosed now and the heating/cooling unit installed so work can be done on the inside.  Brick is going on the exterior and when completed the cedar shakes, light fixtures, and pillars will go up.  Below is a picture taken yesterday.  When the steeple went on it began to look like a church.    

Most everyone knows someone who has [or had] COVID-19, and sadly we know some who died from it.  I personally know two people who didn't survive it, and another whose lungs have been so badly damaged he will be on oxygen the rest of his life.

If you've followed my blog for any length of time you've seen pictures of my friend, Linda.  We met through the tea world and have gone to many tea events together.  Her husband passed away on Christmas Eve morning after being hospitalized with COVID. He was 71 and his passing was unexpected.

As with many COVID deaths, his body was cremated quickly and there was no funeral or memorial service.  I wanted to do something to express my condolences but didn't know what, and a sympathy card didn't seem enough.  There was no charity designated to give money to in his honor, and I didn't want to send flowers to the home because I thought others probably did that.  Then it came to me... a Care Basket.  I'm sharing this because you may know someone who passed from COVID and you've wondered what you could do to express sympathy.

In this instance, Linda is an avid tea drinker and I knew one of her favorite teas is Marco Polo by Mariage Freres in Paris.  The Cultured Cup in Texas sells it so I placed an order.  Then I wanted a commemorative mug for her to drink the tea from, so I searched her Facebook page for a suitable photo of her husband and ordered a mug from Shutterfly.  I filled in the rest of the basket with a candle, chocolates and cookies.  I delivered the basket yesterday.

Shutterfly has a huge selection of quality mugs to chose from and I was so pleased with the photo print on the mug.  Service was fast too.  

After delivering the basket, I realized meals would have been a great option too.  She's still grieving and trying to muddle through all the legal paperwork, so I'm sure homecooked meals would be helpful.  I've decided to do that as well.  I can't minimize the power of prayer support either. Those dealing with grief need others to stand in the gap for them.  Hopefully these ideas will be helpful to you.  

To close this post, I follow the Great British Tea Party on Facebook.  The site recently posted two pictures of cakes in my beloved blue and white colors.  They're almost too pretty to eat!

I've been enjoying Harney & Sons Organic Bangkok flavored green tea in my cup.  What tea are you drinking these days?


  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Linda’s husband. I’m sure your thoughtful care package meant a lot to her. Prayers of comfort for her and her family at this time.

  2. Your church building is really coming along - you'll be worshiping in it soon! I am so very sorry to hear about Linda's husband, there is just too much of that happening right now. Your basket is a very thoughtful gift and I'm sure it was appreciated.

  3. Please let Linda know that, as "distant" friends, she's in our thoughts and prayers as we've all come to know her through your blog. Your gift was a wonderful idea...something that I'm sure more of us can use in those cases where a card or flowers don't seem to be enough. Bless you for being such a good friend to her. Sending **hugs** your way.


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