Friday, July 3, 2015

The Tea Collection Chocolates

The day Linda and I went to the Royal Tea Room [which I blogged about yesterday] she brought me a gift bag containing a box of handmade tea infused chocolates, from The Tea Collection, and a cute set of tea time linens - a dishcloth, dishtowel, and a microfiber drying mat.  I'm anxious to use the drying mat because I've seen them advertised, and they're much more absorbent than a dish towel.  

But the sweet gift [pun intended], was the box of tea infused chocolates, made in Grand Haven, Michigan.  

Believe me, they're as delicious as they look!

A guide pamphlet was enclosed to describe each chocolate.  So far I've indulged in three. The Creamy Earl Grey in the bottom left corner [my favorite], Almond Oolong [middle bottom], and Peaceful Peninsulas, made from Sri Lankan green tea [bottom right corner].  The top row which I've yet to enjoy, are L-R: Hummingbird Nectar, Heartwarming Cinnamon, and In the Mood. Thank you so much, Linda!

Wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July on Saturday!  God Bless America!


  1. What a great gift! I love those Tea Time linens, and the chocolates sound delicious.

  2. What fun gifts! I have a plain tan dryer pad and it works great! Hope your family has a wonderful 4th! Also I just emailed you about your trip to England posts and I don't think it went through to you! I have been having trouble with this laptop!

  3. The tea chocolates look amazing! What a real treat!


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