Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Living Room Renovation Is Finished!

Last fall I packed up everything in our living room to begin a major renovation project.  

Below are pictures of the 'old' living room with an outdated Thomas Kinkade border, and white sheer draperies on the front window.

The chintz-like wallpaper on the entryway wall came down, along with the musical tapestry over the piano, and many other accessories wouldn't be making a comeback either.  It was time for a complete makeover.

Jerry stripped the border, then the wallpaper in preparation for painting the room.  I LOVE blue so we stayed in the light blue color palette.

A column was added, and Jerry shortened and 'trimmed' a half-wall for a more finished look.

The top half of the entryway was papered with blue toile [Country Life pattern], and wainscoting was added to the bottom half.

That took us right up to Christmas.  Even though the project was incomplete we had to stop to get our house presentable for the holidays.

Shortly after Christmas the Graber Plantation Shutters were installed, followed by a custom-made valance in a darker blue toile fabric to coordinate with the wallpaper.

The valance looked unfinished, and I just wasn't satisfied with it, so I went back to the drapery shop and had 'tails' added.

~ They were exactly what was needed for a finished look. ~

My hubby's workshop is in the garage, so winter prevented him from resuming the project until May.  

A picture on Pinterest, and a photo at The Tablescaper blog were my inspiration for the 'new' living room wall units. Our piano would be encased in the units instead of a sofa.

[Photo courtesy of Online Fabric Store]

The Tablescaper blog provided ideas for the design of the wall units, and the two photos together enabled Jerry to make a drawing of his own. I'm so blessed to have a very talented husband!

[Photo courtesy of The Tablescaper blog]

Jerry's drawing. 

~ And the work began ~

~ One unit partially done and installed ~

~ The second unit partially done and installed ~

~ The units joined together ~

~ Finishing work ~

~ Installing shelf tracks ~

~ Putting cabinet doors on ~

Ta-Da... Drum roll please... The finished project!  What fun I've had unpacking the totes and placing the china on the shelves. I can't tell you how many times I've arranged and rearranged things, and I'm not certain the right unit is exactly as I want it yet. 

I bought the teapot tapestry at a tea room in Alpharetta, Georgia in 2007, and waited for just the right place to display it.  It fit perfectly into the opening above the piano.

I'm ecstatic, elated, jumping up and down happy!  The wall units are beautiful, and well worth the wait!  Now I finally have a place to display most of my blue and white china.  Jerry was pleased with his craftsmanship, but was very glad to cross the project off his 'to do' list! 

The room is light and orderly, and doesn't look busy or cluttered as it did before.

Tomorrow's post will be a close-up of the china on the shelves in my new 'tea room.'  I've decided it won't be called a living room anymore.  I always wanted a tea room, and now I finally have it!  ;-)


  1. Pretty! Love plantation shutters and your hubby is very talented.

  2. Now that is totally wonderful.

  3. Wow! I love your new built-ins! What a talented husband you have. That blue background really sets off the blue and white china nicely, and the tapestry is just perfect over the piano. The shutters are beautiful and I really like that ice blue wall color. I'm going to "study" on this and see if I can figure out a wall in my house that could use this treatment!

  4. Looks very nice Phyllis and you're definitely lucky to have a handy husband to do the work.

  5. Wow! Everything is lovely. It was a very long and difficult project. Both you and Jerry are talented and skilled!


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