Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Counting Teapots, Etc.

When my mother was alive, she was always curious about how many items were in my collections - whether it was teapots, teacups, aprons, cookbooks, or whatever.  I was never in the habit of counting  or keeping record of them, so I never had an answer for her.  

Last Saturday, after reading blogging friend Angela's weekly 'Teatime Tale' - Power to the Pot, a cute short story about teapots, I got the urge to count my teapots - especially since I had just placed a teapot of my mother's on the three-tier table in my living room.

I'm still in the process of sorting and organizing totes in the basement, so I just counted upstairs teapots [where most of them are kept].  The count changed a few times when I overlooked one here or there, but ended up at 97. Do you count your teapots, teacups, trios, etc.?  You'll be surprised at how quickly they add up once you start counting.

Three of one particular item constitutes a collection.  My mother would be happy I'm finally keeping track!

By the way, 'teatime tales' can be read every Saturday at Tea With Friends blog.

My mother had two sets of vintage porcelain 'piano babies'.  When she passed I kept one set, and gave the other to a friend. Now that the living room is finished, my set went on the piano today. My hubby made a little bench for them since I was afraid they'd fall off the edge of the piano top and break.

I also picked up my wool dining room rug from the carpet cleaners.  It's 10-11 years old and had never been professionally cleaned - only spot cleaned. I knew it needed to be done, but carpet cleaners who came to the house wouldn't touch it, and horror stories about area rugs being ruined when they were sent out made me leery.  Not to worry!  The company did a super job, and the rug's colors are vibrant again - hopefully good for another 10 years! ;-)  


  1. Guests to the tea room frequently ask me 'how many' teapots/teacups do I have. I don't have an answer for them - but I don't believe I have as many tea pots as you do! Love the precious little piano babies.

  2. I just counted my teapots/coffee pots (I use for teapots) and I have 41 here at home! When we go to the farm cottage this afternnoon I will count them. I didn't know I have so many! They sure add up! Love your rug! I am so glad they did a good job cleaning it! It is so beautiful! Sweet piano babies! Wishing you a lovely day!

  3. I have never counted my teapots (nor other collections) but I'm nowhere near 97! More than 10, though. And I almost came home with a couple more recently but managed to abstain. Your rug looks lovely and I'm SERIOUSLY wishing I could find one like it. Blue and white plates and teacups around the border - how perfect! I'm glad the cleaners did a good job for you.

  4. I keep very entertained between you and Angela McCrae. I only have 2 teapots, so when I get my house sold here on a small island in Puerto Rico and get moved back to the states, I will start collecting them. The rug is so lovely. I cannot have a rug or even carpet as one of my little angel doggies thinks that anything fabric on the floor is a puppy pad. I am sure I will have to rip up carpet when I move to the states and put tiles down as I cannot move without my little puppies. I guess I could say I have a collection of puppies since I have 3 and am welcoming another this week. Teapots, tea cups and puppies are all precious to me. Thanks for entertaining us.


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