Friday, June 6, 2014

Tea-themed Salt and Pepper Shakers

My mother had a large salt and pepper shaker collection when I was growing up.  Many were souvenirs from trips taken, while others were themes and creative novelties.  Her collection no longer exists [she sold it], but I always think of her when I see salt and pepper shakers  in antique stores.

I only have a few tea-themed salt and pepper shakers, but since recent posts have featured my tea-themed collections, I'm sharing them today.

The first is set is "Bearware Pottery" [Boyd's Bears].  They're collectible, and are numbered on the bottom.  As yet, I haven't used them.  They've just been residing in one of my china cabinets.

The next two sets are silverplate teapots by Godinger, and have been used many times. Since salt corrodes metal, I try to remember to remove it after each use.

I received the cute vintage set below with matching tooth pick holder, last Christmas. 

The last set isn't in the shape of a teapot, but they'll go perfectly with my burgundy and dark green Depression glassware that I use for fall and Christmas teas. I bought them recently at Tea by Three's going out of business sale.  There are three sets of the burgundy, and three sets of the green.  At $3 for all, I couldn't pass them up!

Now tell me about your tea-themed salt and pepper shakers.


  1. Wonderful! I especially like the one with the toothpick holder as well.

  2. Those are all so cute! I especially like the silver plate ones. I don't have any tea themed S & P shakers (yet) but do have a few sets, mostly inherited ones and holiday ones (the Publix Pilgrims, snowmen, etc.). I'll have to keep my eyes out for some tea themed ones.

  3. I have a brown S&P set in the shape of teapots, but I mostly pull those out at fall/Thanksgiving for "decor" purposes. And I also have a Mr. and Mrs. Claus set of teacup S&P shakers, but alas, they've gotten tucked into some mystery box of Christmas decorations and I have been unable to locate them for the past two years! Perhaps I need you to come organize my collections for me, as CLEARLY I'm not half as organized as you are!

  4. Nice collection of salt and pepper shakers! I only have one set. A plastic silver tea set I found at a thrift store. Trying to catch up on all your interesting posts today!


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