Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Tea-themed Treasures

Tuesday I met five high school girlfriends for dinner, but before that occurred, another girlfriend and I went on a little shopping expedition.  The first store we stopped at was Gracious Seasons. There were so many lovely things I could have purchased, but only one linen tea towel and a silver rabbit [which has since been repainted gold] ended up leaving the store with me.

The chocolate-looking rabbit came from the antique store at our second stop.  I had never seen a ceramic rabbit that looked like an edible chocolate bunny until this week when I visited Two Cottages and Tea blog, and saw one pictured in a vignette.  Needless to say, when I saw this rabbit I knew he was coming home with me to be gently tucked away until next Easter - he won't melt and will keep his good looks from one year to another, and he has no calories. What could be better!

Also at Plaza Antiques and Connections, I purchased this lovely teacup.  It looked so spring-like and was only $10.00.  It's made by Royal Albert and is part of the Festival Series.

As I continued shopping I saw a pretty little cream pitcher in the same pattern as a Shelley trio that I got in England.  This pitcher isn't a Shelley though.  It's backstamped Victoria C & E.

A bit of research revealed the C & E stands for Cartwright and Edwards Ltd., Victoria Works 1912 +, Straffordshire Potteries.  The price was right for $5, so it came home with me too.  

Below it sits with the Shelley trio, and as you can see the pattern is identical.  Obviously potteries shared their patterns, but its name isn't given on any of the china pieces.

My last treasure to share is a Beatrix Potter figurine, Tom Kitten.  I acquired him on a separate antique outing a couple of weeks ago.  It's my first Beatrix Potter figurine, and reminds me of Susan Branch. The lady in the antique store told me he was a bargain at $10, made by Royal Albert. I've never hosted a Beatrix Potter theme tea, but perhaps this is the beginning of one!


  1. Some wonderful new acquisitions Phyllis. I thought that was a chocolate bunny at Two Cottages and Tea, I've never seen a ceramic one painted like chocolate before.
    As I'm reading your post I'm wondering if you're going to need a home addition for more tea things. :-)

  2. Wow you found some wonderful treasurers! I just love a great treasure hunt!

  3. Such good finds! I love that tea towel and those bunnies, and oh, the new Royal Albert patterns are SO pretty! That creamer looks perfect with your Shelley trio...where was I reading this week about different companies using the same decals on their wares? But oh, I think Tom Kitten might be my favorite find of all. I do love Beatrix Potter. I have several Christmas ornaments but no stand-alone figurines. This might be the start of a new collection for you, as well as a great theme for a tea!

  4. Oh my, so many pretties to comment on! First, I love your new tea towel! I would have bought that too. Your bunnies are charming (and much nicer than the one munching plants in my front lawn), and that teacup!!! Oh my, you got a STEAL on that. That is one of the prettiest Royal Albert teacups ever! Great find. And I love that little pitcher. I have a cup and saucer with that same pattern, and I am forever seeing that pattern in other pieces, by various makers and in various styles. It's in one of the current Royal Albert designs as well, with pink on the outside of a teacup but that design (chintz-like) inside, I believe. I think you got a great buy on the adorable figurine as well. (Sorry to be so chatty but as you know I get excited over bargain shopping!)

  5. HI Phyllis,
    You did have a lucky day shopping! Love your tea towel and the teacup. So very pretty! Thanks for mentioning my blog! I'm trying to think where I got the chocolate bunny, but can't remember! I have two other chocolate colored bunnies, one a tall one I got at TJ Max and a medium size one I got at Hobby Lobby. I have the chocolate ones at our log home and many pastel bunnies at the cottage.


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