Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gift Baskets for a Silent Auction

The Miss America Tea with Kirsten Haglund [2008 from Farmington, MI], is rapidly approaching - May 15, 2014.   This is a fundraiser for The Kirsten Haglund Foundation, which helps those who struggle with eating disorders often not covered by insurance.

As a committee member I volunteered to donate two baskets for the silent auction.  The themes of my two baskets were Tea Time and Hair Care.

It's hard to visualize all the items above fitting into one basket, but they did!   The basket contains two teas [Harney English Breakfast and Bigelow Constant Comment], a tin of brown sugar cubes, King Arthur Cherry Almond Scone Mix, Lemon Curd, Honey, three kinds of cookies, tea-themed beverage napkins, and a 5-pc. Herman-Dodge tea set.  I hope the bid is good, and the recipient has a happy tea time!

My beautician donated a $45 gift certificate for a hair cut, so I filled the basket in with a two-way mirror, professional brush, combs, hairspray and shampoo.

Baskets ready and waiting to be delivered to yesterday's committee meeting.

Our meeting was first, followed by lunch - Green and Red Pepper Soup.  Yum!

After lunch we assembled more gift baskets.

It was a productive afternoon with 20 baskets ready for the silent auction.


  1. The baskets sound wonderful with all the contents, and you're kind to always be busy for events to help others.

  2. The gift baskets are such a wonderful idea! They look really nice!

  3. Your "Tea Time" basket looks delightful, and I would certainly bid on it if I were there. I expect the second one will be quite popular, too. What a special occasion this is shaping up to be!

  4. It's easy to guess which basket I would bid on for this special cause!

  5. Beautiful idea and they are lovely!

  6. Your baskets are wonderful! I can't wait to hear all about this tea!


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