Thursday, April 17, 2014

An "April Showers Bring May Flowers" Tea

On Saturday, April 12th two friends and I traveled to East Lansing to attend another of Cristy Bennett's tea parties [this was the 13th tea party of Cristy's that I've attended]. It featured flowers, butterflies and parasols.  As always, it was lovely!

 ~ Tablescape Photos ~

The personalized menu card, floral arrangement, and bag of chocolates were our favors to take home.

Now for a little tour around Cristy's home which is decorated to carry out the theme.

This one place setting is where Cristy's husband, David, sits.

The tea began with a glass of  Sparkling Cherry Juice.

We were served Goji Berry Green Tea throughout the meal.  The first course was chilled Raspberry Soup with a Raspberry Pinwheel Scone.

The second course was Springtime Spinach Quiche; Three-Veggie Salad on a Pita Petal; and a refreshing Raspberry Gelatin Fruit Salad.

The third course [dessert course] was a slice of Key Lime Raspberry Cheesecake. 

I've made my reservation for her next tea on June 14th - Royal Garden Promenade - an elegant, formal gardenscape.   I'll be sure to share to blog about it!


  1. How pretty everything looks and how delicious it all sounds, especially the raspberry soup and scone!

  2. Such a gorgeous theme and decor. I am surprised it was in a private home but I'm sure I must have read of other teas you attended there. Are you invited as a friend or is this an event everyone pays for?
    I smiled at the single place setting for the hubby, but at least he's invited too. :-)

    1. David is Cristy's right-hand at the tea parties. He helps serve, and clear dishes for the various courses. He is an amazing support to her, and eats "on the run." They're a beautiful couple.

  3. Oh my, I would have adored seeing all this pretty pinkness! She must have so much fun getting into the spirit of each and every tea. Wish she'd move to Georgia! ;)

  4. How very beautiful! How about April snow as it snowed here last night!

  5. Tea-lightful!! I assume she must recycle these elaborate decorations and use them again?!?

  6. I am so taken by the tablecovering! Was that a tablecloth or did she strew rose petals? I am going to have to study this carefully. It is pink wonderfulness!!!!!!

  7. Okay - they are placemats? Did she make these? Did she find them somewhere? I am totally in love LOL

  8. Everything looks beautiful and sounds and looks delicious.

  9. Beautifully done. Love the soft colors. What a lovely way to enjoy tea and your fabulous menu. From your newest follower, Linda


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