Tuesday, February 4, 2014

BIG! LOTS and Tea Treasures

Do you have a BIG! LOTS store near you?  

There's one a mile from my house, and while I haven't gone there recently, they've been the source of several tea-themed purchases over the years.   I thought I'd share some of my BIG LOTS treasures today.

I was happy to find my teapot upholstered footstool there.  It came in a larger size too.  I bought it as an accent piece more for looks than actual use, but my hubby took it over as his personal foot stool!  

The ceramic tile tea tray is a Big Lots find.  I bought more than one and gave them as gifts. Do you suppose those Victorian ladies are on their way to Afternoon Tea?

Love my Johnson Brother's Old Britain Castles teapot on the tray.

My rattan teapot planter came from BIG LOTS.  It has a lid, but it's lurking in one of my storage totes in the basement because I don't use it.  

I placed a silk ivy plant inside it, and it decorates the top of my computer hutch.  I just moved it to the family room for this picture.

Have you found any tea-themed treasures at BIG LOTS?  It's time [past time actually] for me to pay them another visit!


  1. I LOVE that footstool! You've found some great things at Big!Lots, I wish you happy hunting as you look for some more. No, I've never found anything tea-related there yet, but one has opened up about 30 miles from where I live, so I will have to start looking. (That's much closer than Michaels, Ross, or Tuesday Morning, where I HAVE found tea-related things.)

  2. I have often found tea at Big Lots but not any tea treasures. Maybe I need to pay a visit and see what awaits these days!

  3. If I see this chain store in my travels, I'll have to stop and have a peek inside. You've picked up some things.


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