Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blog Reading During the Snow Storm

I've been home bound during Michigan's cold, snowy weather, and have been blog reading to keep occupied.  I have the highest praise for bloggers who have blogged for several years.  I won't celebrate my second blog anniversary until the 24th of this month, and there are days when I struggle to find new, interesting content to share.

For inspiration I turned to my friend, Linda J's blog, at Friendship Tea.  Below is her blog banner, which you will recognize if you follow her blog.

Linda started blogging in 2008, so I went back and re-read her entire first year of  blogging. I enjoyed seeing the antique/vintage china teapots, teacups, and trio sets she added to her collection; her lighted ceramic tea house collection; her family trip to England, Scotland and Wales [which was filled with Afternoon Teas]; her US travels and tea room visits; her tea books and recipes; and so much more. Her 2008 Kentucky Derby posts inspired me to add a Kentucky Derby tea to my list of theme tea parties, as well as the possibility of coordinating a fundraiser Christmas Tea where the tablescapes are auctioned off.  Thanks, Linda, for your blog, and five years of loyal commitment!  

My friend, Angela, at Tea With Friends has been blogging since 2007, and below is her blog banner.

I just finished reading her blog's first year of posts, and enjoyed her antiquing outings [which were always accompanied with great finds]; book and magazine reviews; tea product reviews and where to find the products; sewing/knitting and other craft projects; lots of recipes; and additions to her tea-themed collections.  Thanks for your amazing creativity, Angela!

Blog reading is as much fun as curling up with a good book!   All the blogs I follow are tea-themed, but no two are alike, because each has the personality of its author.

Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage has been blogging since 2008 and she hosts Tea Time Tuesdays. Her tablescapes are always beautiful, and it's fun learning about life on Prince Edward Island.

Ruth at Antiques and Teacups began her blog in 2009 and she hosts Tuesday Cuppa Tea. Her blog is filled with wonderful information about antique/vintage china [usually teacups] and fascinating history about all things British. 

Bernideen's Tea Time blog began in 2009 and she hosts Friends Sharing Tea every Tuesday, and in the summer months it changes to Tea in the Garden.  Beautiful tea-time tablescapes, recipes, home interior pictures, and photos of her garden are featured on her blog. 

These are just five of the 25 wonderful blogs that I follow.  A complete listing can be found on the right side bar.  Everyone has been blogging longer than me, so I'm the new  kid on the blogging block! ;-)  During the winter months I'm sure I'll have opportunity to read everyone's archived posts, and I'm looking forward to the inspiration and entertainment they will provide.  

Stay warm and cozy, and drink lots of tea!  


  1. Those are some of my favorite blogs, too! I enjoy them daily (along with yours) and have read random posts from their archives, tho not a whole year' shorthand! But I think if I were going to go back and read someone's blog from the beginning, I'd start with Susan Branch's. I've only recently found it and I bet it would be great fun to start from "the beginning" on hers. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Phyllis:
    It was so sweet of you to feature my blog! All these other blogs are my favorites too! I hope I have my computer problems behind me now with a new computer. December was not a nice computer experience! I do enjoy your blog as well as always look at your posts even if I don't make a comment. Happy New Year and thank you!

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Phyllis! And I can't believe how quickly *your* two years of tea blogging have flown by--may there be many more!

  4. Thanks Phyllis. The past couple of days during this weather, I have spent more time than normal reading blogs, too. I have met good friends through blogging and tea. I am very grateful for those special friendships.

  5. Here I am catching up on blog reading finally. It's nice to be able to visit fellow bloggers with the same interests - and sort of in the same age group I'd think too. As Linda says, we've all made some friendships we wouldn't otherwise have.


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