Friday, January 17, 2014

An Upcoming Charity Tea

My friend, Linda Pudlik, is the coordinator of an upcoming Afternoon Tea with Miss America 2008, Kirsten Haglund, who is from Farmington Hills, MI.  The charity tea will benefit The Kirsten Haglund Foundation, which provides treatment for women struggling with eating disorders and body-image issues. 

Kirsten Haglund - Miss America 2008
[Internet Photo]

Since plans are for 300 attendees, Linda formed a committee to help with various areas of the event.  As one of the eight committee members, I attended a tea luncheon and planning meeting hosted by Linda yesterday.  

It was so lovely that I wanted you to enjoy it vicariously.  

Linda's beautiful tablescape.

Linda introduced me to something new - the lapkin - which is the outer teal and gold cloth in the photos.  The lapkin is designed to be placed on one's lap, and remain there throughout the meal. Tucked inside is the napkin, for blotting one's mouth. I turned the lapkin/napkin duo upside down in the photo below so you can see the solid teal napkin tucked inside the lapkin.   

[Committee member, Judy, and me]

Linda is a fabulous cook, and she outdid herself with this luncheon.  She served us the Butternut Squash soup, and then the salad course, main course, and dessert course were buffet style.

The salad course consisted of Tomato Aspic and Cucumbers in Sour Cream and Dill Sauce, accompanied by Savory Scones.

The main course was Lemon Chicken, Orange Glazed Carrots, Braised Red Cabbage, and Potatoes Dauphinoise.

Desserts were a Banana Berry Sundae Cake, and a Chocolate Biscuit Cake.   I only took a small sampling of the Chocolate Biscuit Cake.  It was decadent with rich dark chocolate, and English tea biscuits.  

Our tea was a delicious Thai Tea that contained pieces of lemon grass.

After the meal we went into the living room for the planning meeting.  Pictured below is Kirsten's lovely mother, Iora Haglund.  You truly meet the nicest people over tea!

Below is the publicity flier.  The charity tea will be held on May 15th at Glen Oaks Country Club in Farmington Hills, MI.  Before the tea there will be boutique vendors, as well as a silent auction.  If any local blog readers are interested in attending, tickets are $65.  Please leave a comment following this post, and I will respond with detailed information.   The cut off date for getting a ticket is May 1st or when the 300 tickets are sold.

You can be sure there'll be more posts in the future about this very lovely event.


  1. Oh, that charity tea sounds like wonderful fun, but quite a challenge to plan! If that Planning Tea is any indication, though, it will be spectacular. What a beautiful table, and I like the "Lapkin/napkin" idea.

  2. I think a charity tea would attract many attendees and the planning luncheon you attended looks splendid. I like the idea of a lapkin, I suppose it is a good size compared to the napkin.

  3. What a great event to participate in. The setting was lovely and the food sounded wonderful. The lapkin is great!

  4. Looks like a day of luxury - and a good cause!

  5. What a fun event this is going to be! And thank you for teaching me about the "lapkin," which is definitely a new term!


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