Monday, November 4, 2013

Michigan State Fun!

Both of my sons are Michigan State graduates, which means their blood is green! ;-) They both love their Alma Mater's football team.  Steve played in the MSU Marching Band, and Jeremy was on MSU's football team, so they looked forward to last Saturday's BIG game against their rival - University of Michigan's Wolverines.

It's become a ten year tradition for Steve to host a neighborhood garage party on Halloween, where trick-or-treaters and their parents can come inside for a cup of hot chocolate, cider, or coffee, and a Krispy Kreme donut.  The neighbors look forward to it every year.  There's always some kind of amusement/entertainment ranging from video games, to a live disc jockey, to this year's balloon artist - who is actually a children's minister who uses his balloon talent in his ministry to children. He was at our church last week, and Steve asked him to come to his neighborhood garage party, to share his balloon creations.

During the day while Steve was setting up for the party, he diligently worked on making a gigantic "Sparty" - MSU's muscular Spartan warrior/athlete mascot.  After eight hours, below was the finished project made entirely with balloons.

To put Sparty's size into perspective, Steve is standing next to him in the photo below, and he's over 6 feet tall. As you can see, Sparty has his boot on the neck of the Wolverine player. The neighbors who were MSU fans loved it.  The U of M fans... well, not so much!  ;-)

The big game was Saturday, with kick-off at 3:30 p.m., played in Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, MI.  Steve went to the game in the rain, while my hubby and I drove to Jeremy's house to watch it on his big screen T.V.

I'm not a big football fan because I don't understand the game, but I did enjoy seeing my four grandchildren's MSU spirit.  Even 16-month old Ellie wore an MSU outfit!  It was a happy day for my guys when MSU beat U of M 29-6!

I discovered there are Spartan teabags, so I'll have to stock-up so I can get in the spirit for the next game. The tea has no connection to MSU, but the name is right and so is the color of the packaging... and I had to bring this post around to tea!  ;-)


  1. That balloon Spartan is amazing! And I love that you found tea suitable for the next such event!

  2. What fun! Now when I watch Michigan State on TV, I'll think about you and cheer for "your" team! I'm a big football fan, having been brought up going to games with my father and grandfather. My granddaughter, who is about the same age as your youngest, has learned to say "Go, Jackets", (as in Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets) and I am delighted when she does! Love the Spartan tea, I'll have to keep my eyes open for some tea that would go along with the Yellow Jacket theme. :-)

  3. That party looks like it was a lot of fun. How much better with the right tea? Blessings, Martha


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