Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas at LaBelle Antiques

Yesterday I had a beauty shop appointment, so that meant a visit to LaBelle Antiques afterwards, as it's only a block away from the beauty shop.  I asked permission to photograph some of the wonderful things I saw in the store.

The store was all decorated for Christmas, both outside and inside, and Christmas music was playing to get shoppers in the mood for holiday spending and gift giving.

The merchandise is displayed in vignettes that change from month to month.  Just inside the front door this month was a Thanksgiving display complete with a turkey that had paid a visit to a taxidermist - much against his will, I'm sure!

~ Christmas Carolers ~

Remember the aluminum Christmas Trees?

Now for some of the cabinets full of beautiful Depression glass and China.  My weakness for sure!

~ Service for 8 of Old Country Roses ~

The china below was new since my last visit.  I loved the teapot, creamer and sugar.  On the shelf below were soup bowls with double handles, and square luncheon plates.  It was service for 8 for $175.  Just gorgeous!  I didn't open the cabinet to see who the manufacturer was.  I figured I better mosey on lest I become tempted!

A cabinet of Minton China in the Hampshire Pattern.  I bought a trio in the same pattern this summer.

~ More beautiful china and glassware.  ~

The corner cabinet below had two shelves of porcelain head vases.  It's a new display since I was there last month.  It immediately reminded me of Mrs. Webster's collection - Angela's mother at Tea With Friends blog, so I took this picture in her honor.  

I came home with minimal damage to my wallet this visit.  My only purchase was a vintage tea-themed card table cloth [42" x 42"] for $14.

Do you have an "all-time" favorite antique store?  LaBelle's is definitely mine!


  1. That is a really terrific antique mall. Looks like wonderful things!

  2. Oh, wow! I can see what that shop is your favorite! It would be mine, too, if I lived close enough. I've had a couple of favorite shops in the past, don't really have one right now. Which is probably a good thing for my budget. That is a darling card table cloth, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

  3. Oh, Phyllis, thank you for taking a picture of the head vases -- it reminded me of my mother's collection the second I saw it! (Did I ever tell you that those will go to my niece Cari? She used to play with them all -- very, very carefully -- when she was a little girl, so there was never a question who should receive those!) And I especially liked that picture of the pink Depression glass in that beige cabinet. I need to do that with my pink glassware (paint some piece of display furniture beige) so the pieces will show up just as pretty!

  4. P.S. Also meant to say that is a wonderful tablecloth you found, and at a great price! I would love to use that at St. Patrick's Day (or springtime in general) as well as at Christmas because of the green!

  5. I'd be heading over there too after the beauty parlour, wow, what a collection. My favourite place here is an old barn, two stories full of vendors selling their antiques. You have much more available in the US at your establishments.

  6. I also shop at LaBelle's and have puchased a few tea cups and pretty table linens. Your photos are excellent!


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