Monday, September 2, 2013

I'm Back!

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After a month-long blogging break, I'm back at my computer.  A lot took place during the month of August, and I'll be sharing past activities with current ones.

Today, 55 people from our church participated in the Peach Festival Parade in Romeo, MI. It's an annual event that began back in 1913.  Our 24 acres of church property is situated among lots of apple and peach orchards.  While we haven't built our new facility yet [we are presently meeting in a school], our participation in the parade let the community know we exist, as well as extending a welcome for them to come worship with us.

Below was our wagon.  We were #48 in the parade [out of over 80 participants].  We're patiently waiting for the parade to start.  Mother Nature cooperated and gave us a beautiful day of sunshine and a temperature in the high 70's.

Most everyone wore matching T-shirts with the church logo.

The tractor that pulled our wagon.

Main parade route downtown Romeo.

The parade was very well attended, and it was a fun day.  Michigan peaches are delicious this year, and we distributed peaches and apples to the parade-goers, as well as a little baggie of candy and a church card.

The street light posts were adorned with Peach Festival banners.

And, of course, there was a float carrying the 2013 Peach Queen and her attendant.

How did you celebrate Labor Day?

Now I'm off to my kitchen to work on preparations for a surprise 86th birthday tea party for my aunt this Wednesday.  When my cousin asked if I'd do a intimate tea party for 8-10 ladies, I happily agreed.  The 'intimate' tea party grew to 19, so I'll be busy the next couple of days, but I'll share photos afterwards.


  1. Welcome back, Phyllis! Missed you! Hope you enjoyed your blogging break. Best wishes on the birthday tea. Have a blessed week, Beth

  2. LOL -- an intimate tea party is for 2 to 4 guests! I have great confidence you will prepare a fantastic tea party for 19.

  3. Welcome back! I'm so happy to see your return to blogging, I've missed you! The peach parade sounds like great fun and also sounds like something that could happen around here, Georgia being known as the "Peach State". I like your church t-shirts, very creative. I spend Labor Day weekend working at my Dad's house, trying to get it ready to put on the market. Thankfully my cousin came to help me in the process, and we took some nice breaks, including a 2-hour lunch break yesterday at a restaurant overlooking the lake. It sounds like you will be very busy these next few days and I'll look forward to seeing pictures of the "intimate" tea party.

  4. Welcome back -- I've missed seeing you here! And you know, I don't guess I ever really thought of peaches as being featured anywhere outside the South, so you have enlightened me on this point. Sounds like the parade was a great time! And I actually celebrated yesterday not as Labor Day but as my seventh wedding anniversary. We spent the day in the north Georgia mountains dining and browsing antique malls. A very nice (and much-needed) getaway!

  5. Welcome back! My hubby would love that John Deere. He has one too!


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