Monday, September 30, 2013

Cristy Bennett's Peacock Jewels and Fancy Feathers Tea

Saturday [September 28th] I had the privilege of traveling to East Lansing to attend my 11th tea hosted by Cristy Bennett.   If you've been a follower of my blog for any length of time, you'll remember that I've blogged about Cristy's previous tea parties which date from April 2011 to the present. She always seems to out-do herself with every theme, but her peacock theme is my all-time favorite.  I have given her the title of 'tablescape artist.' Instead of painting on canvas, she artistically creates on tabletops!  

This tea was extra special because it was a birthday celebration for my dear friend, Lori's, daughter-in-law, Lisa.   Lisa got to select 10 guests to attend this tea, and I was honored and blessed to be one of those 10!

Lori has been planning the birthday celebration for months.  She's such a thoughtful mother-in-law.   Long before the date of the tea approached I received a "Save the Date" card in the mail, and when it got closer to the time I received an actual invitation.

It was a picture-perfect fall day for traveling to East Lansing.  Below is a picture of the ladies just before going inside Cristy's house.

Below is Lori, the beautiful lady who gifted Lisa and her guests with such a lovely tea party. Her outfit even coordinated with the theme!

Once inside, our eyes beheld the beauty below, and the pictures don't do it full justice.  

Cristy made a personalized keepsake menu for every attendee, which also served as our place card.

Beautiful peacock blue teacups.  

The  fabric below began Cristy's vision and inspiration for the tablescape.

Cristy is photographed below, and is dressed to coordinate with the theme.  Her lovely mother, Lila, is sitting at the dining room table in the background.  Cristy decorates the entire first floor of her house to coordinate with the theme of her teas.  For this tea she even included new living and dining room curtains!   Absolutely amazing!

Below is Lisa, the birthday girl.

Three generations - Lori, Lisa, and Courtney

We're all in our places with bright smiley faces.  Let the tea party begin!

First a toast with Sparkling Apple-Cranberry Juice

The first course was Vermont Cheddar Cheese Bisque with a Peacock Blueberry Scone and a Harvest Apple Scone.  Note the china with peacocks.  I saw some of the dishes several months ago at Marshall's and T.J. Maxx, but Cristy got hers at Macy's and they're still available. They're called 222 Fifth Dinnerware in case you want to rush out and get some. They're beautiful!

The main course was Chicken Broccoli Dill Braid, Mushroom Stuffed Roma Tomatoes, Autumn Apple-Cranberry Salad, and Triple Cheese Truffle with Crackers.

The dessert course was Chocolate Toffee Teacup Trifle, and it was delicious!

Since the peacock is the national bird of India, one of the teas served was a second flush Darjeeling.  Soooo good!

Now for a quick tour of Cristy's first floor all decked out in the theme, beginning with the pillows on her couch.

~Antique Secretary~

~ Closet Door Wreath~

~Antique Buffet~

~China Cabinet in Dining Room~

~Top of another China Cabinet~

~ Lamp Table~

Even the bathroom carried out the theme!

The walkway leading up to Cristy's front porch contained arrangements of some of the flowers that adorned the tablescape, and were our favors to take home.

Lori and me on Cristy's front porch.  I should have made a peacock fascinator!  ;-)

What a fabulous day!  Special thanks to Cristy, Lori and Lisa for providing such wonderful memories.


  1. This was a lot of work. Now she has all those things for future peacock teas or she could use it for dinners, etc. It was beautiful and I'm sure very fun.

  2. How gorgeous! And what a wonderful way for Lori to celebrate her daughter-in-law's birthday. Everything was lovely, those peacock plates are wonderful, and I was especially pleased to see the desert served in Candlewick teacups. (I do love that glassware...and am blessed to have some of it.) The inspiration fabric did its job well, everything coordinated beautifully all through the house. What a treat!

  3. The decor is amazing! So beautiful, so creative! The food looked great too. What a fun event!!!!


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