Thursday, September 5, 2013

Afternoon Tea at the Tea Boutique

Today I drove to Lake Orion, MI [29 miles north of where I live] for noon reservations at the Tea Boutique, located in Canterbury Village.

As you can see it was a beautiful day for a tea outing.

The Tea Boutique is located in one of the houses at the back of Canterbury Village.  The main floor is a quaint boutique, and the tea room is upstairs.   You can't miss seeing this house with its bright, neon colors!

Brigitte, the owner and hostess.

There were nine of us who met at the Tea Boutique for Afternoon Tea.  Pictured L-R: Debbie, Joan, and Judy C.

Judy B. and Rachelle [a fascinator designer].


L-R:  Me, Linda, and Suzanne

We were given a tea menu to select four teas for our table.

My place setting.

The tea began with a cheese course:  Assorted cheese and cracker tray.

And two trays of crackers with cheese spreads.

I have never seen a cheese and cracker course at an Afternoon Tea, and I enjoyed it.   The two teas I drank were Monk's Blend and Black Forest Chocolate Tea.  Both were good.

The main course was a half croissant of chicken salad, and the other half was ham and cheese. A cup of mixed fruit accompanied the croissant.

Dessert was a tier tray of chocolate dipped macaroons [top]; sugar cookies [middle], and caramel-toffee two-bite scones [bottom].

And a tray of chocolate fudge and red velvet mini-cupcakes.

PLUS individual plates of three mini cupcakes - Clockwise: Orange cycle [my favorite], yellow cake with caramel frosting; and yellow cake with buttercream frosting garnished with a strawberry.

My friend recently purchased a Vera Bradley Tote that she brought to show me.

The pattern is called "Tea Garden."

The owner of the Tea Boutique gave each of us a little gift bag.   Inside was a lavender sachet. Lovely!

A delightful afternoon with wonderful ladies, at a very pleasant tea room!


  1. You ladies look lovely! I like the idea of a crackers and cheese course too, hmm something to add to my next party.
    The food looks yummy, and no shortage of sweets.
    Unique fascinators, I'm not sure about wearing one myself with short hair though.

  2. It looks like you enjoyed a nice day out with friends!

  3. What a great place to gather with friends! Lovely!

  4. What a beautiful day out with friends to enjoy teatime!

  5. What a great group of ladies and that purse is darling!

  6. Hi Phyllis,
    Just now catching up with your posts! What a wonderful tea room! You all look like your having such fun!


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