Saturday, August 31, 2019

Last Day of August

In this last post of August there are several things I want to share with you.  The first is an upcoming event that's open to the public, sponsored by The Taylor Conservatory.  Their events are always lovely.

Tea people are the most sharing people I know.  On August 19th, Angela at Tea With Friends blog, posted an adorable Mackenzie-Childs teapot lunch tote [below].  It was on sale for $20, imagine that!  When I looked at it I saw a washable, travel toiletry bag instead of a lunch tote, so I ordered one and it arrived in yesterday's mail.  I couldn't find it currently listed at their website, so it might be sold out but keep checking if you're interested.

Next week at this time the ladies' tea I've been coordinating for my church will be over, and I'll be down to just one tea to work on [Downton Abbey].  I found some cute Paris themed fabric at Hobby Lobby that was 30% off, so I bought 2 1/2 yards to make large squares for the center of each table.  It doesn't show in the picture, but the Eiffel Towers are glittery, and will be perfect for black Eiffel Tower centerpieces to sit on. 

Another thing that recently arrived in the mail was Tea Time Magazine's new Christmas book.  I'm anxious to leisurely look through it with a cup of tea.  Only 116 more days until Christmas!

Our youngest granddaughter, Ellie, arrived this morning to spend a couple of days before school starts back next Tuesday.  Her Papa took her shopping for school supplies, and a toy.

Lastly, our youngest son, Jeremy, has just started a Youtube video series [I think there'll be five or six in the series].  I know I'm prejudiced, but they're well worth viewing if you have an interest.  Each video is short, 7-8 minutes.  Simple Victory - Intro  and  Simple Victory - Identity.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!  

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  1. Oh, I'm happy to see you nabbed one of the lunch totes! Wish I could have gone to Tea on the Water … that sounds so lovely. And wasn't it just last year that Ellie was being born? My goodness! Look forward to checking out some of Jeremy's videos too. Thanks for such a newsy post!


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