Monday, August 19, 2019

The Wizard of Oz

I don't think I've ever worked on three teas simultaneously before.  In addition to the Downton Abbey tea for The Whitney, and the ladies' tea at church [Julia Child in Paris], the monthly tea at the assisted living facility is this Sunday, the 25th.

The Activities Director has never requested a specific topic before, but this month the 25th falls on the 80th anniversary of when the Wizard of Oz was released in theaters, so she thought the residents would enjoy a program about the movie.

That's been a favorite movie of my granddaughter Brianna's ever since she was a little girl.  To be honest, I've started watching it numerous times, but I don't remember if I've ever watched it through to the end.  So that's on my agenda this week.

My hubby went on a 'guy trip' with our son, Jeremy, and grandson, Landon, Friday thru last night, so I had the weekend to myself to work on research.  I learned a lot of interesting trivia about the movie.  Did you ever wonder how L. Frank Baum came up with the name Oz?  He glanced at his file cabinets that were organized A-N and O-Z!

I don't normally shop on Sunday, but yesterday after church I was very close to the Country Store that sells unique candy [and made only in the USA].  I was in search of a treat for the residents that would tie in with the Wizard of Oz theme. In my mind I thought I remembered a rainbow shaped candy.  The owner promptly told me it's made in China and he wouldn't have it in his store.  Well okay then!  ;-) 

I ended up purchasing these sucker sticks that weren't exactly what I wanted, but will do if I can't find anything else.  Suggestions anyone???

Last month's presentation was the Women of Meadow Brook Hall:  The matriarch, Matilda Dodge Wilson; her daughter, Frances Dodge Van Lennep; her adopted daughter, Barbara Wilson Eccles; and her granddaughter Judith Frances Lavender.

~ Meadow Brook Hall ~
Matilda was the widow of John Dodge, founder of Dodge Brothers Motor Car Co. with his brother, Horace.  She built Meadow Brook Hall with her second husband, Alfred Wilson.

All four women were equestrians.  Frances had a state-of-the-arts stable complex built at Meadow Brook called "Dodge Stables".  When she married and bought Castleton Farm in Lexington, Kentucky, it then became the headquarters of Dodge Stables.  Matilda had her own stables at Meadow Brook called "Wilson Stables".  She died in Brussels, Belgium during a trip to purchase a new team of Belgian horses.  [She was 83 and had a heart attack.]

In trying to decide what treat to give the residents for that presentation, I recalled seeing several pictures of Queen Elizabeth II feeding a carrot to her horses.  So I ordered cellophane carrots filled with jelly beans from Oriental Trading.  The residents loved them.

We even had some men attend that tea and program, so we'll see if they return this month.


  1. All of your teas sound so interesting!

  2. How about lollipops for the "Lollipop Twins" or green jelly beans for the Emerald City?

    1. I was ust going to suggest the "Lollipop Guild"

  3. So are you drinking Red Bull in addition to your tea? ;) I cannot FATHOM planning three teas at once, but bless you for doing so. And I think those rainbow-hued sticks will be perfectly appreciated at the tea. Besides, you can tell them to use them as stirrers in their tea if they happen to like sweetener. Look forward to learning more, and I did not know about how the name "Oz" came to be. Fun!

  4. There are cookies and or cakes that are rainbow. You can find them from Entenmanns or an Italian Bakery. Thy are delicious.


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