Sunday, August 11, 2019

Family Fun

Granddaughter, Isabella, came to spend a few days before school starts back.  She came Thursday evening and went home this afternoon [Sunday].  She'll be 14 next month and is full of fun.

Friday night I couldn't resist grabbing my phone to take a picture of her with her cucumber mask on.  What we women [young and old] won't do to be beautiful!  ;-)

Izzy loves Polish Pierogi, so I sent my hubby to an authentic Pierogi shop on Friday while I was at work to purchase some for dinner.  He bought Potato Cheddar and they were yummy.  For local readers, the shop is Dobre Pierogi, 48899 Hayes Rd., Shelby Township. They're sold individually wrapped [fully cooked and frozen] in packages of 12, and only require heating.

I had been seeing the movie, "The Art of Racing in the Rain" advertised on the Hallmark Channel. It was just released in theaters this weekend, so I picked up our other granddaughter, Brooke, on Saturday afternoon, and the three of us saw the movie together.

They had fun watching the movie and giggling together.  ;-)  All three of us thought it was a great movie.  If you decide to go, take Kleenex with you because it will definitely tug on your heart and get your tear ducts flowing.

~ Izzy and Papa today before church. ~

Granddaughter, Ellie, awaits her visit next.  Our daughter-in-law texted the cute picture of her taken yesterday on their deck.  Wearing her party outfit, she set-up a pretend tea party for her Mommy and her.   Love it!

Our daughter, Lori, has a birthday in a couple of weeks.  She was born while my hubby was in the Air Force stationed in Oklahoma, so we call her our "Oakie."  When I saw this T-shirt advertised on Facebook, I couldn't resist ordering one for her.  I wasn't sure if she'd wear it, but she liked it and said she would. Oklahoma is where 'her story' began.

Plans are underway to celebrate Brooke and Lori's birthdays at a family game day on Labor Day - Corn hole and croquet outside, and table games inside.   Fun!  Hope we have good weather.


  1. Ellie is certainly gramma's girl! I love the tea party. You are certainly blessed with your granddaughters.

  2. I always enjoy seeing current pictures of all the lovely ladies in your family. And also as always, I'm surprised by how quickly the girls are growing up!


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